How you can manage your Payroll in this new year

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The final quarter of the FY 2018-19 is now underway, meaning you’re likely already setting business goals for FY 2019-20. And the end of the year is also an ideal time for evaluating any service or solutions you have in place to determine whether they’ve helped your business reach its 2018 goals.

The start of a new FY is fast approaching, bringing with it an opportunity to do things differently than you did them during FY19.

If your payroll service has been one of those problem areas that you’d like to leave behind, the new year is a prime time to effect that change. The right technology can help your business avoid costly payroll miscalculations and penalties. Let us examine a few core principles for achieving greater success (and less stress) by selecting the right payroll services for your business.

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Rekha Jain

Rekha Jain

Vice President - Corporate Sales at Paysquare Consultancy Ltd.
Rekha has over 15 years of experience in providing payroll solutions across different industries. She has been pivotal in the growth strategy at Paysquare, both pan-India as well as in international locations. She is skilled in Personnel Management, Business Development, Employee Engagement, Recruiting, and HR Policies.
Views expressed are personal
Rekha Jain

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