Performance Evaluation During Pandemic

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During this pandemic, it is already so hard to manage the workflows within the organization. Then, how can organizations possibly management employee performance appraisals?

Let’s find out!

As organizations aim to achieve a minimum loss of business and utmost productivity during the coronavirus outbreak, performance appraisals are definitely posing a bottleneck. The year-end situations and employee expectations are clashing and making it harder than ever for the whole HR team. Hence, to help you evaluate how you can manage performance appraisals during a pandemic, we have discussed various methods below.

Read on to understand how performance appraisals can be managed.

Why Performance Evaluations Are Conducted?

Every organization sets certain goals and performance bars for every employee of the organization. During the year-end, these goals and performance achievements are recognized and rewarded through performance appraisals.

In simple words, based on how each employee contributes to the overall progress, productivity, and effectiveness of the business, the HR team rewards employees at the end of the fiscal year.

This helps employees to grow and achieve better in their personal career graph. It also aids retention and improves employee satisfaction.

Unfortunately, this year, the performance appraisals are clashing with the coronavirus outbreak. This means not only companies are finding it hard to conduct appraisals but also finding it difficult to offer any appraisals.

We have discussed how companies can overcome this situation below.

Is It Right to Conduct Performance Evaluations During the Coronavirus Outbreak?


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Rekha Jain

Rekha Jain

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Rekha Jain

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