How Technology empowers HR

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What does a growing company demand? I would say elevated levels of productivity, hugely engaged teams and a culture that encourages innovation.  Today for organizations to effectively drive these results, I feel they should be well invested in technology tools, that will help improve HR technology and Automation.

Within a business, if you notice, a lot of business processes like client relationship management, feedback management, payroll management, Performance Evaluation are being managed, leveraging the right technology tools. There are various analytics tools deployed to analyse the huge volume of data that is being generated. Artificial intelligence and new-age techniques are being deployed to improve the efficiency of functions. Within HR as well, I feel it is time to equip yourself with modern technology.

Within the HR function, some of the time-consuming tasks that are being increasingly managed using HR automation include:

HR Automation helps manage Documents, right from the document collection, indexing, storage, and retrieval. From importuning Human resource documents into a single, central repository for managing documents. HR automation helps store documents so that they can be shared on multiple devices. and automation helps to manage archive records instead of placing file folder into cardboard boxes and storing them off-site, store them electronically by archiving records.

HR Automation is also deployed in several other HR functions like Benefits Administration, Payroll management, Leave & Attendance record management, Employee Record handling, Recruitment, training, Appraisals & Performance Management, Grievance Handling, Reimbursement of bills and Expenses. Different companies either opt for one single system or single vendor to manage all of these or might have different point solutions for each of these.

Benefits of Investment in HR Technology

HR Technology simplifies the recruitment Process

Automating everyday processes with integrated solutions can enable a workforce to be more focused in other important areas of the company. For small businesses, planning or handling recruitment without HRMS in place can increase the spending for recruitment efforts

Attracting and getting talent onboard that qualifies the job criterion and fits company culture is indeed a strategically well-thought process and our dynamic environment compels short turn around.

HR Technology helps to improve Employee Performance Management

Performance management systems reduce the amount of time that managers must spend on the administrative aspects of employee reviews. This enables them to spend more time in face-to-face meetings with staff, where they can discuss strengths, weaknesses, and goals for the upcoming year.

HR Technology helps to improve Employee Feedback process

To improve and succeed, employees need ongoing feedback on their performance. Employees need to know what they are doing well and where they can improve. Automated employee performance management tools make it easier for supervisors to give their employees feedback in a variety of ways.

HR Technology for Strengthening Internal Communication

Recent survey says that effective communication and transparency secure a more informed and connected workforce. A company’s internal chat room facilitates communication between teams across the globe real-time and effective. Announcements done through this tool is likely to have better reach.


By keeping a close eye on trends in HR technology, it is possible for you to significantly benefit from these investments.Managing the hiring and exit, monitoring performances, handling payroll, evaluating employee benefits, and much more fall on the shoulders of any HR department. By having HR automation as a part of your plan, you can better manage your business.




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Rekha Jain

Rekha Jain

Vice President - Corporate Sales at Paysquare Consultancy Ltd.
Rekha has over 15 years of experience in providing payroll solutions across different industries. She has been pivotal in the growth strategy at Paysquare, both pan-India as well as in international locations. She is skilled in Personnel Management, Business Development, Employee Engagement, Recruiting, and HR Policies.
Views expressed are personal
Rekha Jain

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