HR Resolutions- Here Are Changes You Need to Make in 2020

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On every new year, we make some goals and resolutions for our personal lives. Similar to this, many teams also formulate certain goals for their work growth. The HR resolutions are not very different. These resolutions help the HR team to achieve better and create a feasible working environment for employees.

Let’s see some of the HR resolutions that you can use in 2020:

1. Digital Tools

Every industry is now adopting digital tools and related automation. Unfortunately, HR is far behind in this area, even today. If you look at it, then most of the organizations still prepare the salary of the employees manually. Very few HR departments are now automated.

However, 2020 is the year of automation for the HR team.

2. Analytics

Data analytics in business has proven its efficiency time and again, and the HR department of the business is no exception. People’s analytics should now take the front seat and the HR team should start utilizing it more to evaluate productivity, performance, and efficiency of the workplace.

3. Improving Work Goals

The HR department should work to improve work goals of employees. This will help your employees engage more, which automatically improves efficiency and productivity.

Further, if your employees are able to fulfil their personal goals at the workplace, they are more likely to stay loyal to the organization. Hence, improved retention.

4. Organization’s Goal

Your employees should know the bigger goal. A lot of organizations have individual goals for employees as well as for particular projects. However, what is the prime goal – the goal of your business. Do want to become the best brand name in the next two years or do you wish to double your clientele till the next year?

The HR team should encourage a wide goal in the organization to help the employees visualize that they are moving forward in one direction.

5. Flexible Work Arrangements

We can’t stress on this point more. Every workplace should harbour a culture of flexible work arrangement. However, this depends on your work environment.

Some organizations set a designated number of hours that the employee needs to complete in a week. So, an employee can work till late one day and leave home early the next day. Feasible, right?

However, many other organizations allow employees to take leave from work when the task of the day has concluded.

6. Employee Training

You may have had experiences where employees didn’t pay attention to training. Have you ever wondered why?

The top reason why employees run away from training is that they don’t find it valuable. So, the workplace should move in a direction where the training is relevant to employees. More focus should be given to training of employees.

7. Employee Skill Development

Hiring new people who already have certain skills is not cost-efficient. It is always costly to hire someone who is expert in one area. One of the key trends observed last year was skill development in existing employees.

This will help employees achieve personal goals and naturally your employees will be more loyal to you.

8. Effective Communication

The foundation of the HR department is communication. So, the HR team should move towards improving this communication.

When your workplace has communication gaps and bottlenecks, employees are not able to convey their issues without fear. If the HR department wants to be the go-to person of employees, the HR team should improve communication for it.


Every year we make resolutions to improve our health, mental wellbeing, or achieve something we really want. Similarly, HR resolutions can not only help the HR team to improve the workplace environment but also enhance the engagement of employees.  I am sure you will benefit from the above list to define your resolutions for 2020.

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