How Aligning Personal and Organizational Goals Lead to Success?

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While organizational goals are necessary for every business, rarely do we implement it in the correct manner. Just creating targets and benchmarks for every employee doesn’t create a positive goal-oriented culture in the office.

In reality, every employee of the organization should be working in unison to achieve the wider goal which the organization itself is set to achieve. By doing this, everyone is on the same page, moving in the direction of success.

This also helps in creating a positive, motivated office environment which encourages employees and enhances their performance.

Here are the reasons for aligning personal goals with organizational goals:

1.      Right Tone

When every employee has goals and check-marks assigned according to the scope of the organization, the right work tone is set for the team. These goals not only help the employees achieve work productivity but also allow the company to reach a strategic performance.

This is achieved by dividing the full scope of the project in small chunks for every task or team, which is completed as individual targets by employees of the team. These targets provide checkpoints in the execution that help in strategic and efficient work execution.

2.      Dedicated Contribution

When you don’t allow employees to achieve goal-based tasks, they feel demotivated and lost. This is because they don’t understand their role in the organization and how they are helping in building a project.

But, when organizations assign wider goals to every employee, they see a change in behavior, which comes with accountability. Making employees accountable for overall success allow effective working.

3.      Clarified Priorities

When the importance of every task is clarified, it is easier for employees to set priorities. Even when they have several tasks for the day, they would be able to identify which one is most important for organizational success. Knowing the impact and significance of every activity in relevance to the organization helps in creating the right pathway which avoids delays and improves collaboration.

4.      Enhanced Teamwork

Aligned organizational goals promote teamwork. If you assign an individual, segregated goal to your employees, they don’t communicate and focus on only their goal. When you merge this individual goal with the organization’s goal, everyone comes under one umbrella. This allows the employees to work as a team to improve the efficiency of any activity, task, process, or project.

And we all know, with improved teamwork, performance and productivity of the team automatically enhance.

5.      Better Communication

With improved teamwork, communication across the whole organization also enhances. Every employee increases their interaction, which helps in creating an overall positive environment in the workplace. This positive increases employee engagement and satisfaction levels.


Aligning individual employee goals with organizational goals help in improving the overall efficiency, effectiveness, and performance of the whole organization. This enhancement further leads the organization to success.

However, it is necessary to understand that setting SMART goals is the key to achieving organizational benefit. Hence, set better, meaningful, and valuable goals for the organization.


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