How Can You Improve Workplace Health?

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One of the biggest concerns of every HR manager is to keep the employees happy and healthy. If any employee is not physically healthy, it impacts the workflow and also the mental health of the employee. The workflow of the workplace is impacted because sick or unhealthy employees are more likely to go on leave or skip office when any stressful task comes their way. This is not to say that any employee does it intentionally but naturally the health of an unhealthy employee doesn’t allow it.

Hence, today, we will explore how HR managers can encourage employees to keep their health first even in the workplace.

1.  Healthy Diet

It is hard for employees to resist food temptations when in the office because, in the presence of multiple people, it becomes easier to give in to the food cravings. Thus, in no time, everyone is ordering pizza and enjoying a delicious evening snack.

The HR can encourage health in this case is by creating a pantry containing healthy snacks. Many organizations have an in-house pantry and HR managers can make sure this pantry is filled with healthy food choices and a clean, hygienic kitchen.

2.  Drink Water

To keep the full-body functioning effective, water is necessary for us. More so because it helps us stay awake during office hours. Hence, just add a little water reminder sheet on the desk of every employee. Or replace your water bottles with the ones that remind employees to drink water after some time by raising the flag. These little differences in the workplace won’t cost you much but it will sure make a difference in the health of employees.

3.  Improved Posture

Don’t we all lean in a bit more every time while staring at the computer screen? Work makes us forget how important our posture is for long-term health. In fact, studies say that bad posture can enhance your blood pressure and increase your cholesterol levels.

The HR manager can help in this aspect by installing good furniture in the office. You can use chairs that promote upright sitting and comfortably cushioned armrests. Further, every employee should be allowed to take some time off from screen to stretch and just go for a walk. This will help them reduce the stress in muscles developed during sitting all day.

4.  Regular Exercise

While physical exercise is really a personal choice of every employee, it can be brought into the workplace.

We all know about flash-mobs. Many big organizations like Accenture conduct flash-mobs in the workplace every day in the morning or the evening or on the weekends. You can do that too. This will energize your employees, help your employees relieve stress, and motivate them to think about their health.

Always remember, when we start the day on the right note, we are able to achieve more.

5.  Good Hygiene

Don’t let dirt and dust spoil your office environment. Employ staff to keep the area clean and free from diseases. Also, encourage employees to remove the clutter from their desks. Disorganized workplace cubicles tend to increase anxiety. Hence, this is where HR can step in and take extreme measures for the benefit of employees.

6.  Positivity

A positive culture and mindset take us a long way. Thus, yoga. Every Friday or Monday, start the day with yoga. If you choose Monday, it will help your employees stay positive throughout the week. If you choose Friday, it will help your employees leave behind work stress while they are entering the weekend. This way when they come back on Monday, they have a lesser amount of stress to deal with.

You can create customized posters for the office which contain quirky, witty yet positive quotes.

7.  Stress Management

Manage stress! This is something that every employee wants. The inability to finish work on the deadline, not being able to leave for home early, or not being able to execute innovative ideas are all the things that increase workplace stress. And let us remind you that is an incremental effect. If one employee is stressed, he or she tends to pass it on to coworkers. In no time, you will have several stressed employees and no solution at hand.

So, allow your employees to pause, take a break, and rejuvenate to start afresh. Stress management is surely on the highest priority.


Undoubtedly, making healthy choices while at the workplace is the personal decision of employees. However, when HR managers swoop in and encourage employees for the same, it makes a difference. This creates a culture of healthy living, which automatically motivates employees to make healthy lifestyle choice even when they are in office.

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