Why Managers Need to Understand Team Diversity

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‘Unity in Diversity’, who hasn’t heard this slogan. Though overtly popular in politicised debates and highly subjective crusades, this slogan also stands true within the corporate workplaces. And rightly so, considering the whole collective diversity that assembles under a single organizational umbrella, people of different demographic, gender, culture, education, people speaking different languages, holding different thoughts and outlooks and many more physical and psychological differences. However, in spite of all the dissimilarities they all tend to work towards the common organizational goals, adding their own special traits to the roles and functions assigned to them.

All said and done, that unity doesn’t come right of the bat, but is a result of inculcation of an organizational culture. This aspect is often demonstrated, nurtured and inculcated into the organisation by the managers that operate at different levels within. In the recent years the organizational culture has emerged out to be more transparent and unprejudiced, where opinions, discussions etc. are received with open minds for the collective growth. The role of managers in such organizations isn’t restricted to team building and task assignments but also extends to counselling and mentorship to maintain employee engagement. Uniting/integrating the team towards the common goal too falls under the managerial onus.

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Rahul Chaudhari

Rahul Chaudhari

Co-founder at Element78
Prior to co-founding Element78, Rahul has had over 20 years of experience in management consulting, industrial sales and learning & development verticals, working with several leading firms such as Dale Carnegie Training, Tata Economic Consultancy Services, A. F. Ferguson & Co. and KSA-Technopak.Rahul is trained and certified for his professional abilities at IIMB (Management Consulting), Kathalaya (story-telling), and ISABS (Organizational Development).
Rahul Chaudhari

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