Why HR Department too needs to embrace technology

Gone are the days when Human Resources management was considered a mere recruitment department. Over the years it has evolved to perform a wide array of functions. In recent times, HR departments have become one of the foundation pillars for a company’s growth. Many companies have increased their focus on making HR processes efficient.

Need for automation of all processes:
In an age where you have the coolest gadgets at your fingertips, why would you stick to ancient methods? Already paper-based documentation is being steadily replaced by spreadsheets in most organisations. Though this did help to some extent, spreadsheets get too cumbersome to manage after a point of time. It’s time to go a step further. This is easier said than done.
It is highly recommended companies automate all their processes and make use of technology to remove all redundancy. The aim is to increase efficiency with minimum efforts. Automation reduces the chances of human errors. Your employees will find it much easier to perform their task and with minimal supervision. All the processes will become transparent and help employees connect the dots and see the bigger picture.

Catering to needs of Millennials:
By 2017, along with Millennials, even Generation Y will step into the workplace in greater numbers. Companies will soon be dominated by tech savvy, highly motivated but at the same time slightly impatient individuals. It will be HR’s responsibility to innovate and mould the work environment to suit the dynamics of this group. A lot of procedures that were previously thought as standard will need to make way for newer philosophies.
These generations are not shy when it comes to demanding facilities that can allow them to work better. One of the most common demands is flexibility to work from anywhere, preferably homes. In fact it is also encouraged by some progressive companies as it saves floor space. HR departments need to make sure that those who opt for Work-from-home option have the necessary tools such as laptops and internet facilities. That way these individuals can carry on with their work without any hassles.

Learning and development programs:
Learning is a continuous process. Even after securing a great job employees need to strive to keep on developing themselves. Here, instead of opting for classroom training, HR departments should encourage online training or elearning courses. The primary benefit of these courses is that they can be done as per the employee’s convenience and grasping capacity. In the long run, e learning courses are also more cost effective.
HR departments no longer work as per the whims and fancies of its managers. They use scientific methods to increase employee engagement. HR managers need to continuously look for ways to get rid of archaic processes and onboard relevant technologies.

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