Becoming a Great HR Manager: Tips for Human Resource Employees

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If you’d ask an HR manager why they chose this field, they would probably respond with this:

Because I like helping people and the salary is great.

These are the major and most common reasons that allow HR managers to enter the field. The additional salary push adds to the feasibility of this profession.

However, being a people’s person or having the will to encourage people in their job – are these the only things required to become good at the job?

Probably, not.

Every HR manager needs to have a mix of the right skills and correct capabilities to handle the workforce. While initially, in the starting of the career, it is possible to manage with minimum knowledge, later on in a career, HR managers need to develop their strengths for the right execution.

Let’s see how you can become better at being a human resource manager. Here are some tips that HR managers should focus on.

1.      Learn People’s Skills

Working with and managing a lot of people has its share of benefits and drawbacks. While you get to help people and they appreciate your efforts after that, it is hard to judge the reactions.

So, the first step at becoming a great HR leader is knowing your workforce. You need to assess the types of people in your team and how they react to certain circumstances.

Developing people’s skills not only means that you need to understand different behaviors and reactions but also includes judging the emotional aspects of the employees.

This helps a lot in many cases. For instance, you have noticed that an employee lately has degrading performance. He is usually an A-performer but recently he is late to the office every day, his performance is reducing, and he is less engaged.

A learned HR manager can quickly pick this pattern in a short time and talk to the employee immediately. This comes with practice so start noticing your workforce closely, each day, every day.

2.      Communicate

Communication is a natural aspect that every HR employee is expected to be good at. But, that is not always the case. Surely, you may know your way around an issue but addressing this issue in time is also imperative.

You can’t put the issue off the table till it comes up again. You need to communicate immediately and as and when required. This communication makes things easier for employees.

For instance, telling an employee that his performance hasn’t be been satisfactory and how you are willing to help them.

3.      Solve Problems

Problem-solving skills are necessary for every aspect of life and we learn it over time.

In the workplace, HR needs to enhance these capabilities to improve the problem-solving abilities of the whole HR department.

To be honest, the second job of the HR department is to solve employee issues. If you are poor at it, you may fail to meet the requirements of the job.

Apart from the salary, the only reason an employee will reach out to you is that they need guidance for an issue. For example, an unsupportive manager.

To solve this problem, you need the skills to define and judge the problem by stating its verticals and assessing the situation from every perspective. Here, communication aids the situation a lot.

4.      Be Empathetic

An HR manager is not only responsible for the organization but also for the people of the organization, these people are expected to have both professional and interpersonal issues. Addressing these issues is only possible when you stay empathetic towards the situation of the employee and then guide them. Listen to the employee and then move in the right direction.

5.      Consider The Big Picture

Always, focus on the big picture. Your job is not just to focus on the employees you are about to hire. In fact, a major part of your job is to look after the employees you already have. Don’t overlook, rather work more to help in retaining them and improving their satisfaction.


Becoming an extraordinary and supportive HR takes a lot of time and effort. You can’t achieve this in one year or even two years. However, you can follow the above tips to reach this stage earlier.



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