How to Respond to Negative Reviews Glassdoor and Social Media?

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Glassdoor is one of the best resources for people to know more about a company. It is a career website that allows employees to post reviews without revealing their identity. Though most of the reviews are genuine in some cases, an emotional or angry employee can write an undeserved review of the employer that can harm the overall image of the company. It has to be noted that around 60 percent of people who are looking for jobs often check Glassdoor reviews before approaching a potential employer. That means it is a significant part of maintaining your online reputation.

If someone has posted a negative review of your company on Glassdoor or any other social media network, there is a process of replying to it. You cannot just ignore the comment and move on with your work. It is important to address the negative comments even if they are nasty in nature. It is your duty as the business owner to give the right response to the comments made on your company’s Glassdoor page or on other social media network profiles. While replying to the review, make sure to share the positive aspects of the company so that the readers can have a broader view. Also, if the response comes from a higher official such as CEO, it will have a huge impact.

Here is how you should respond to negative reviews on Glassdoor and other social media networks:

1. Investigate before you reply

The first thing you need to do when you receive a negative reply is to investigate the review. Do not jump to reply immediately. Study the complete review and note down important points. Check with the employees and have one-on-one sessions with them. See if there is any reality to the review posted online. Once you are done with the investigation, move on to the next step.

2. Create an employer account

Please keep in mind that you should make sure that the reply to a negative review should come from an important chair in the office. It should be either the CEO or someone who has the authority to make decisions. Signing up on Glassdoor is a simple process and if you want there is an option to advertise on Glassdoor as well to attract potential candidates.

3. Greet properly in the response

While writing a response, make sure that you greet the person properly. Start with a thank you note and make sure to be thankful to them from pointing out things that might not be working in good terms for your company.

4. Address every aspect of the review

While writing a response, make sure to touch every aspect of the review posted for your company. Most of the employees take advantage of being anonymous and vent out everything that they have bottled up in them. Some things they say may be exaggerated as well. Thus you must touch every aspect of the review and if there is something that is not true, make sure to point it out.

5. Say something positive about your company

While replying to the review, make sure to share the positive aspects of your company. Use the points carefully and explain how your company is working hard to make the office environment healthy and productive. You can also point it out that your company has an open-door policy and everyone has the right to put up their views in front of the management. Please keep in mind that you should tweak these words as per your company policies.

6. Avoid stock responses

You can find a lot of pre-defined responses to post over the internet. You can also ask someone to write a stock response that you can use to reply to positive or negative reviews on social media networks. However, in the long run, such responses show that you are not serious about making the office environment employee-friendly, and it will result in a restricted inflow of new talent in your organization.

Managing your Glassdoor and other social media profiles

If you think about it, managing these accounts is not going to be an easy task. If you have a large organization, it is better to have someone in the team exclusively for writing and replying on social media platforms. However, if it is a review from an employee, especially on platforms like Glassdoor, it will be better if the reply comes from an important chair. Thus you have to maintain the decorum even online to ensure everyone gets the deserving respect in reviews and replies.

1.Encourage your employees to leave reviews

There is no harm in encouraging your current employees to leave honest reviews about your company on Glassdoor. The more reviews you get, the better are the chances that the negative reviews will stay in a lesser percentage. Have both positive and negative reviews with dedicated replies from the administrator for the negative reviews, you can ensure that everyone gets the true picture of your company.

2. Give space for regular feedback

Many platforms offer you space where you can take feedback from the employees. You can set a definite time and send a small survey to the employees that they can fill and tell you what they think about the working environment in the company. You can use these reviews to improve the workspace and provide them with better facilities that will improve productivity.

3. Never force anyone for positive reviews

Please keep in mind that a review is only worth it if it is a genuine one. It would help if you did not ask anyone to post positive reviews about your company. Even if you are asking your existing employees to post a review, make it clear that there is no pressure from the management to post a positive review. They should be free to post anything about the company that in their views, is true.

4. Keep your calm

One thing that you should maintain from beginning to the end is that you should maintain your calm. It does not matter if you are getting positive or negative reviews. The main aim should be on the fact that all these reviews are going to help you in improving your company’s image among existing and future employees.

Trust your instinct and avoid arguments

There is always a possibility that you may receive a negative review on Glassdoor. It can be from an emotional or frustrated employee, or it can be from someone who is in your competition. The first thing you need to do is to keep calm and investigate. Never lose your temper and make sure to reply in simple and straightforward language. Please do not complicate things with arguments on Glassdoor or any other social media platform as it will put you on the wrong side.

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