Pushing For Productivity Can Kill Creativity And Innovation

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In the practical world, one can see two most contradictory aspects, which are productivity and innovation. Though for the smooth functioning of any company or organization, these both aspects must be given due importance when to offer more importance to which aspect is something that needs deep thinking. It is said that productivity can kill creativity and innovation, and to a large extent, this is also a fact.

While going for any of the opinions, one needs to consider a lot of factors that play a vital role in a specific function. From the viewpoint of commercial operation, it is necessary that one shows productivity because it has a direct impact on the turnover of the business. But is it feasible for every field? Is it possible for an individual to be creative with a proper display of productivity? The answer to the same is a big NO.

How is productivity computed?

Many times one has to perform the same function in a daily job, which offers him a grip on the concerned task. One who does packing of an item regularly knows how much time he needs for packing. It can be a boring task, but one can have great speed on the basis of which his productivity is computed. It matters for one in such a job to show how many tasks he has completed in a day as the task is the same every time, and hence he can have some better ways to display more productivity.

With the practice, one can complete the task efficiently and in less time. This computation applies to the functions which are simple and do not need any innovation or creativity. However, the moment the format or style of the work changes, one may take more time to complete the new task, and hence one can say that productivity is affected. With the functions where creativity and innovation are required, one cannot use the logic of calculation of productivity as innovation takes time.

What are creativity and innovation?

Creativity relates to a task where one needs to complete a task from scratch. Hence from marking the path to the completion of the task, one has to pass through various stages and make frequent changes. Creativity and innovation are directly related to the quality of the work. However, it does not mean that those who are productive offer the work with low quality, but when the productivity is focused, the quality may be affected at any stage, and one has to ignore the same in some cases. This cannot be the situation for one who focuses on creativity and innovation.

It simply means that productivity can kill creativity and innovation. Here one can take the example of a research scientist. If one focuses on making a space shuttle, he needs to focus on various things which may not be set to a specific parameter. This is a task that requires in-depth research and innovation. One cannot be asked to complete the research in a few minutes or provide some innovative technology in a couple of hours.

One needs to focus on the ultimate aim, look at the possible resources, available options, and cost of the concerned option to see if the same can offer the desired result or not. If a research scientist is asked to complete the research in some days, the chances are high that the research may be incomplete or not able to provide desired outcomes.

Innovation and its various aspects

Many times people argue that innovation comes from the practice only, and hence those who do a job regularly with great productivity the innovation can be expected. It is also not that much true as those who focus on productivity has to focus on time and completion of specific tasks in limited hours or minutes. At this stage, one can see the validity of the statement productivity can kill creativity and innovation as such people cannot find time to share their experience or learn new things in the same field.

If they are asked to show innovation or creativity, the simple answer will be we don’t have time to think anything different than what we do as we have to show our productivity. Innovation is nothing but using the same item or working on the same task but with a different style, which can help to complete the task with better quality and less time. If one is asked to be productive with specific parameters, he cannot be expected to be innovative, as productivity can kill creativity and innovation.

Is it important to show creativity and productivity?

From the viewpoint of corporate and calculation of turnover, it is necessary to show productivity in different fields, and those who cannot meet the task at a specific time may be removed from the system. However, this is not a universal rule, as there are ample fields where creativity overrides productivity. In the fields of science and technology, people understand well that productivity can kill creativity and innovation, and hence professionals in these fields are not pushed to show their productivity. They are motivated to show the best of their skills that can improve the process and offer results with desired quality.

In fields such as software development and medical, the ultimate result matters than productivity. People who are in the field of art and craft also do not go for the calculation of productivity as they can sustain on their skills and innovation, which can reward them in the short and long term. In this world of technology, one can notice that any organization which comes with an innovative product or new item can get a big market, and the rest of the players in the field have to follow the same.

Does productivity really matter?

Productivity is an important parameter to know how an organization performs in the market. However, as productivity can kill creativity and innovation, it means that it must not be a universal parameter, and people in every field cannot be gauged with this parameter only. The fields where one needs to show his skills need to be given enough freedom where he can research and experiment. Research always takes time, and hence as per this parameter, one can be called a dumb or non-productive, which must not be a case with such people who are fit for research and development of new products or options.

It rightly said that productivity could kill creativity and innovation, but one must take it as a prudent option which can be used to some typical jobs only and not to the fields where one needs to carve his path by his thoughts, ideas, skills, and talent.

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