How to increase the productivity of employees in an organization?

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For any organization, there is nothing more important than its employees. If an organization can keep the employees happy, the productivity will automatically increase, and it is the best way to grow the business. Organizations can make small changes in the habits which can drastically improve the productivity of the employees. Minor tweaks can have a positive effect on the efficiency of the business.

Many organizations that follow simple steps to improve productivity have seen improvement in the quality of the work done by the employees. Also, if the employees are happy, they will finish the task in hand quickly, which will give them time and energy to add more projects in their portfolio. After assessing data from different sources and case studies,

we have come up with eight best ways to increase the productivity of employees in an organization as follows:

Be Efficient

Every business has a scope of improvement. Check how the company is currently operating and always be open to making a few changes in your office. It is essential to have a list of short-term and long-term tasks that you can prioritize as per the organizational requirements. If there is a way to improve the working capacity of the employees, take the opportunity and introduce the necessary changes. Give your employees a plan and encourage them to make their lists of tasks in the order of priorities. Recognize the efforts they make and award them for completing assignments on time.

Give employees a chance to gain skills and experience

Letting employees work on their skills and leadership experience comes with an element of risk. However, if the employee can take responsibility efficiently, the job satisfaction of your employees will increase as you are showing trust in them. By allowing your employees to make some balanced decisions on their own for the benefit of the company, you can give them a sense of achievement which will help to increase the productivity of employees. It will also provide the right direction to their careers. Many organizations allow their employees to have the liberty of spending a specific amount of time on a task that can help the organization in the long run. Such a decision does not need the administration’s approval but reporting such decisions is essential, and the employees should be aware of it.

Remove the elements of distraction

Some organizations have a strict no-phone policy which in experts’ opinion is not the right thing to do. It is better to remove the distractions for a limited period during the day and give some breathing space to your employees. It is a known fact that social media is one of the biggest productivity killers. However, if you completely bar social media in your office, it won’t be practical. On the other hand of you encourage them to keep their phones off during the tasks but allow them to have regular breaks where they can check their phones and social media, it will increase the productivity of employees. If you keep them away from the phone and social media the whole day, even that will slowly become a distraction, especially for the younger employees.

Provide the right tools and equipment

Modern software and high-speed computers have become an essential part of an organization. The machines, tools, and equipment your organization is using should be highly efficient. Let’s take an example. Say your organization requires everything to be printed and saved in hard copies. There are 100 employees, but there are only five printers that too are slow. Most of the working hours your employees will spend on the printer and some of them may argue while taking the printer’s time. To reduce such unnecessary delays and arguments, you should deploy at least ten fast printers in the office. The same methodology goes for every sector.

Better workplace conditions

Proper room temperature, comfortable furniture, vending machine, canteen, coffee machine, and washrooms are some of the basic requirements of a good workplace. On an average 20-25 degree, Celsius is considered a comfortable working temperature. Too hot or too cold temperatures can distract the employees. Also, if the chairs are comfortable, they can spend a long time in one sitting. Make sure the tables have ample height so that it does not put pressure on their backbone. If it is a factory, make sure the employees get everything they need like safety gear, food, water, and proper air conditioning.

Support your employees and give realistic goals

If your employee says, the task is manageable in 3 hours, make sure to provide him with 5 hours timeline. Do not push the employees to do more work in lesser time. It may increase the chances of mistakes which eventually reduce productivity. If your employees need support from seniors on a project, do not hesitate in providing it. If there is a requirement of hiring a temporary workforce to complete a project, hire someone rather than putting pressure to do extra time on your employees. If the employees have the support for the administration and seniors, it will increase the productivity of employees.

Bring positivity at the workplace

Always encourage, motivate, recognize and reward your employees. Tell them they are doing a good job. Bring constructive criticism on the table. If an employee is doing a better job than others, you can offer a reward for the performance. Keep day-to-day incentives a form of incentive at your workplace. A free holiday, a movie ticket or even a t-shirt sometime do wonder on the psyche of the employees. Make sure to indicate that the success of one employee is bringing incentives. It will not only give him a sense of fulfillment but also encourage others to do a better job.

Make sure the employees are happy

A workplace cannot be productive if the employees are stressed. Regularly talk to the employees. Have an open-door policy for the employees so that they can come and discuss their problems with you. Please do not make them feel unwanted or unrecognized. You can have special dance workshops, yoga workshops, therapy sessions, etc. when they are required. Having a psychologist available for your employees can be helpful in today’s time. It is not necessary that stress can only be workspace related. If there is something in an employee’s personal life that is affecting productivity, it is your responsibility to try to address it.

In today’s time, it is not easy to have a productive workforce. The competition is growing quickly, and more players are always ready to enter the market. It is essential to make sure that the employees are happy in your organization to increase the productivity of employees.

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