How Can You Track Labour Laws in Any State?

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Labour laws contain rules and regulations laid out for the rights of employees in various industries. Every organization that employs any number of employees should follow these rules and regulations to maintain compliance.

However, since labour laws keep changing according to the external environment and trends, it is hard to keep a track of these laws. Due to lack of updates and difficulty in following new changes, many organizations have to face non-compliance issues.

To know how you can track labour laws, read the below methods:

How to Track Labour Laws?

Official Website

The best method to stay updated with the labour laws in India is to regularly check the official website. They usually update the amendments in the law on the website. Hence, if there is a change or modification, you can track these changes from the website quickly and without any hassle. (Shouldn’t we provide the URL)

Check Twitter

You can also explore on Twitter as it is easier to follow labour law changes through Twitter. A lot of people repost it and the related officials also repost it. So, you can get an update about changes and then you can check the full document to stay compliant.(Which account do you follow?)

Join a community

There are various channels for HR teams which can help you stay updated about the labour laws. You can, in fact, stay connected to understand the changes in other laws as well, which is why this method is best of the three methods to track labour laws.

Why Following Labour Law is Important?

Organizations in India have to maintain compliance under labour law as well as other laws. Further, the compliance procedure is not only related to the returns, records, and statutory deposits. When the need arises, you may have to produce evidence of law compliance to avoid penalties and fines.

During an employee dispute, you can use this evidence to prove that your organization has followed the rules.


Compliance structure in the organization not only helps the HR team eliminate penalties but also promotes a healthy structure in the workplace. Especially talking of the labour law, it is necessary to help your employees trust your brand and rely on your organization. This even helps the HR team improve retention at the workplace.

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