5 Tools Everyone Should Use for HR Performance Management

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If you are a small, medium, or large enterprise looking forward to stimulating and enhancing your HR performance management, you need these tools.

Human resource is a delicate part of any organization. Though it is almost always taken lightly, the activities and tasks involved are very challenging. One such difficult task is performance management for HRs. And no matter, if it is a small organization or big one, every company needs some tools for managing huge amount of employee information. These tools provide a way to form a constant review system for managers, employees, and other members of the organization.

Here are few HR performance management tools that you need:


Trello is an amazing tool that helps your team collectively collaborate and lets you share information. It is basically a sticky notes collection, and when a new contractor, partner, or employee is added to your organization, everyone can access that sticky note. This helps everyone connect, share relevant information, share reviews, and set deadlines. The best part is that this tool is free of cost and very visually appealing.


Appraised is an efficient tool that focuses more on performance reviews including other such activities. You can try it for free, and if you like the features, you can buy the paid version for all the features. It lets you manage reviews, handle check-ins, manage appraisals, set objectives, form goals, generate feedback, etc. Additionally, one of the most important features of this tool is the ability to customize it according to your organization’s requirements.


15Five focuses both on employee engagement and performance management. By utilizing this tool, managers can directly review employee performance, ask questions, run polls, comment on goals and objectives, and analyze weekly check-ins. These weekly check-ins let managers evaluate employee performance and morale via a simple feedback questionnaire.


Trakstar, as they have said on their website, is a “Simple employee evaluation anyone can use.” It is easy to use and enables you to customized forms for various purpose such as reviews, feedback, and maintaining the workflow. Its real-time feedback and reporting system gives everyone the ability to stay informed of what is happening.

Small improvement

Small improvement rules out the need for annual or yearly reviews and lets you frequently review what is going on in your company. It can be customized according to the need of your company for smooth feedback and review cycle. This tool also has a feature of ‘Praise a co-worker’ which enables healthy, competitive, and encouraging environment in the organization.


Performance management process is crucial for every organization. At some point in time, every organization has adopted yearly review system, but that doesn’t work now. With increasing complexity and intricacies in work, regular review is required to maintain quality standards. And to accomplish this, organizations need performance management tools. Managers cannot rush to their teams every time to review the work personally. For this, they need a system to offer a real-time review but without wasting time on personal meetings.

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