What are the most effective ways to improve employee morale?

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Employees are the biggest asset of any organization. If a company has high goals and mighty morals but no employees to take it further, then what is the point of it in the first place? As valuable as they are, employees who are happy in the job, motivated and content perform better than those who are discontent. It can hence be safely said that happy employees spell greater success for an organization. So what can companies and businesses do to keep their valuable assets happy by boosting their morale? Here are some of the most effective ways. Check them out.

10 Most Effective Methods to Boost Employee Morale

#1. Recognition of Work, Milestones, and Losses

Employees always appreciate genuine recognition from their organization for the work that they do and all the good things that they achieve. Companies should treat their workforce as people first and employees second. Be appreciative, let them know that you see and acknowledge what they do for the company. Another way to show that you care is to reach out in times of personal loss. It can be as simple as giving extra days of paid leave, or even leaving a note at the desk, offering counselling sessions, etc.

#2. Learn to Have Fun, Take Opinions

These are actually related things. The opinions part of it is with respect to company outings, events or functions that everyone celebrates together. Instead of just leaving the work to HR, companies should take polls or ideas from employees for these events. Sometimes, new ideas can come up from such activities too. Additionally, make sure that the workspace is not boring, dull, or uninspiring. Paint it up with different colours, or use bright interiors. Also consider putting swings, ping-pong tables, carrom boards, etc. for letting employees unwind a few minutes each day.

#3. Asking for Feedback

Feedback is a give and take process. Companies should also take into consideration the issues that employees are facing, and ask them for transparent feedback. Taking their opinions and thoughts seriously and acting on these is important for boosting morale. Also assure them that their feedback will not have any negative effect on their employment.

#4. Offer Sponsored Programs

Some companies offer sponsored programs to encourage employees to pursue their passions or hobbies. Consider giving a few paid hours a month for employees to volunteer at places of their choice. When they see that the company realizes, recognizes and encourages their passion, they will be more positively-inclined towards their organization.

#5. Encourage Socialization

The usual cubicle and office pattern can get boring and dull, leading to lack of creativity. It is a good idea to mix things up once in a while and allow employees to have their own get-togethers, outings, or even their own programs once in a while. You can divide employees into groups based on floors or departments and encourage activities among them. Get creative with the concept, there’s a lot that can be done.

#6. Special Work Days

A lot of companies have special days like Bring Your Family to Workday, Bring Your Pet to Workday, etc. There are a lot of ways in which you can add some fun into this and come up with unique days for employees. They will also appreciate being able to show their family what they do every day, or show-off their pet to their co-workers.

#7. Train Positive Attitudes

Another way to boost morale is showing employees motivational videos or having regular motivational talks. Companies can even encourage employees to share their stories of strength, or have movie days where they play inspirational tales. External stimulus is quite powerful and effective for training employees to generate a positive attitude and motivate themselves.

#8. Include Some Playtime

Get out of the work zone and incorporate some time for games and humour. Doing so will ease some of the competitive atmosphere, infusing some humour and lightness to the daily proceedings. A little fun and positivity is very important to boost employee morale.

#9. Ensure Safety

Companies should allow employees to stay at home and work in cases of extreme weather. This is not only to ensure their safety, but if employees have to commute all the way in terrible outside conditions, then they are half fagged out by the time they get to the office. Starting work after that is tiring and tedious, and half the motivation is gone by then. Consider allowing work-from-home for special occasions.

#10. Allow Outsourcing

Instead of overburdening employees with a lot of work, which hampers productivity, allow employees to outsource work to freelancers or contractors. This will help them concentrate on more important duties while letting outsourced employees handle the rest. Delegating is always better than being overburdened, and productivity can hence be maintained.

Parting Thoughts

There are plenty of ways to boost employee morale, but the premise revolves around ensuring that they are heard, understood, and acknowledged. It is important to keep them happy and ensure work satisfaction, which means no overburdening, set work hours to ensure that they keep doing what they do best.

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