9 Tools Hiring Managers Use For Recruiting

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Hiring and recruitment process is an easy task for hiring managers and HRs, and it is made possible with a successful, amazing strategy paired with a correct set of Hiring and recruitment tools.

Today, hiring is not just about looking for people with a relevant profile, but it is much more than that. It is also about evolving trends, changing technologies, and finding the perfect fit even if it means looking at hundred applications to come across the right one.

In this race to find the best talent, hiring managers have started using various recruitment tools for enhanced results and decreased burden. Here are some of the recruitment tools and strategies you should start using if you are willing to embrace transformation and find new agile methods of recruitment.

  1. LinkedIn

We all know about LinkedIn, as it is one of the most convenient recruitment tools for finding the right talent. Many recruiters, hiring managers, and people looking for employment resort to LinkedIn for great opportunities. However, now, there are many more excellent tools which you can find below.

  1. me

Another useful source for finding potential candidates other than LinkedIn is About.me. Although this tool is not very famous when compared to LinkedIn, you can find exceptional talent here. From entrepreneurs and business owners to freelancers and talented professionals, everyone is present on About.me. Many freelancers, professionals, and startup owners create their page on About.me to connect with like-minded people.

  1. Google Hire

We have all heard about applicant tracking system and its use in the proper management of hiring process. Google Hire is one such outstanding recruitment tool. You can effortlessly integrate it with your calendar and Gsuite, and Google Hire will help you with interview schedules, management process, and even send out emails. With this applicant tracking system, you can further customize the process for better involvement with every potential employee.

  1. Rapportive

Who wouldn’t love to quickly check-out the LinkedIn profile of potential hires? Rapportive, now known as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, lets you do just that with its Gmail plugin. You can simply download the plugin, and every time you open a received email or the one you are sending out, you can swiftly check LinkedIn profiles of respective people. It also helps you to connect with talented professionals for future references.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is a handy-tool for not only recruitment purposes, but also for every professional. You can access your notes on the go and not worry about missing important things. If you purchase Evernote Business Suite, you get additional features of sharing, tags, checklists, and reminders.

  1. BambooHR

If in case you are not satisfied with the working of Google Hire, you can resort to another recruitment tool BambooHR. It is a perfect fit for small and medium enterprises. BambooHR is known for its hassle-free functioning, time-off requests that are automated, immediate HR insights, e-signatures, self on-boarding of employees, and efficient management of employee data.

  1. Streak

Some people are constantly bothered by switching between applicant tracking system and email browser. For them, Streak CRM has a solution. This tool, once installed, enables hiring managers to manage the recruitment process from their email only.

  1. Prophet

Sometimes hiring managers may find a potential employee, but not the required information for contacting them. Prophet directly installs as an extension and resolves this problem by providing contact information of people.

  1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is common for selling and buying products, but its lesser-known feature is recruitment. HRs and hiring managers have started utilizing this platform for finding hidden talents.


Whether you are just starting your career as a hiring professional or an experienced HR, these recruitment tools help everyone with smooth functioning and efficient hiring.

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