Why Healthcare Is Necessary Is For Your Employees?

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Imagine this:

You have a 50-year-old employee in your organization who is suffering from serious stomach pain. He frequently takes leave of absence due to health issues. When, finally, his wife pushed him to inquire on the situation, they visited a doctor. The doctor explained how it is a severe condition which needs extensive medical care.

Now, this person has only two options, either he could get the treatment at a government hospital due to lack of funds or utilize the health coverage offered by the employer to clear the expenses. Anyone would choose the latter. But, only if they have this option available.

Why Quality Healthcare Coverage Matters?

Looking at the competitive world around us, it is imperative for organizations to offer quality healthcare coverage to the employees. It is a great strategy for attracting new talent and retaining existing employees. Think about it, who wouldn’t want affordable healthcare options?

It is known that most of the employees in India don’t have a health insurance cover. This indicates that at the time of unavoidable circumstances, they are under a lot of stress to pay the hospital bills or take loans to clear payments. This additionally increases the burden on an individual. When companies offer health insurance coverage as an inclusive salary benefit, it tends to attract and impress many talented individuals.

Benefits of Employer Health Insurance

There are various reasons why many employees prefer employer health insurance. Here are a few:

  • It is usually at a lower cost than individual health insurance which is acquired separately.
  • The benefits cover the family or dependent of the insured individual. This is not always the case but most of the times family cover is involved.
  • The premium amount is deducted directly from the CTC of the employee and some amount is paid by the employer, which again is an attractive offer.
  • Employees can enjoy No Claims Bonus benefits if they don’t claim the insurance cover for one year.
  • The renewal date is never missed as the employer takes care of all the essential things.

Benefits of Providing the Health Insurance

Analyzing the benefits of employer health insurance offered to the employees, it is obvious that the employer would get something in return.

  • The CTC of an employee doesn’t have to increase if you are including health insurance in it. Your employees understand that if you are already providing the healthcare coverage at a lower rate, it is adding to the benefits.
  • Since very few employers offer health coverage, it allows businesses to attract talented professionals towards their organization.
  • The employer is in a way looking after the health of its employees, which means reduced loss of productivity. This is due to the fact that many health covers have free yearly check-ups.
  • Your employees won’t have to risk their life savings or take loans when they are ill. This means that they won’t have unnecessary stress, which will allow them to work with efficiency.
  • Overall, a health insurance coverage offered by the employer increases the brand value of the company. An organization that cares for its employees is a good selling point for almost every business.


While a health cover may cost extra to the organization, it is worth having. Your employees will stay happy and financially secure and you will have a great brand name. Simply put, taking care of your employees never goes wrong.

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