Why Employee Experience Should Match Customer Experience?

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There is no doubt in the fact that employees and customers are, in fact, two different types of company stakeholders. However, undeniably, employees, too, expect a similar kind of experience as a customer.

Technology is the major motivator of enhanced customer experience today. We can book a flight ticket, reserve a doctor’s appointment, and check medical test results online. All this with just a few clicks and swipes on the mobile phone.

For instance, you have paid INR 500 for a product costing INR 495 through Pay on Delivery for an Amazon product and you receive INR 5 balance in your Amazon Pay instantly.

It is these little experiences that make all the difference. Then, why not implement the same for the employees?

We experience it in daily lives, we know how it is done. Hence, we expect the same treatment at the job. And let’s not forget, that we are currently in an employee market. The demand is certainly more than the talent supply. All the talented individuals are willing to work with a company offering a great experience.

Let’s see how employee experience can be made as engaging as customer experience:

Strategic Technology Use

Being old-school is definitely great in many instances. When you run a business, HR has to adopt many old methodologies to resolve issues and come up with solutions. But, being an old-school in case of technology never goes well. Hence, automate as many tasks as possible using technology. Allow your employees to focus on strategic tasks which machines can’t do such as making decisions, understanding client requirements, etc.

Technology for Enhanced Management

Right from the hiring, your employees expect that you have implemented certain technological tools to help them achieve tasks easily. They do it on a daily basis in personal life. It seems unfair if, in office, they have to struggle with every work manually. Utilize artificial intelligence, a self-service portal, and email technologies to streamline work for your employees.

Wait for The Feedback

While all the above technology requirements are necessary for every business, maintaining equilibrium is also important. No one is asking you to jump at the first chance of implementing new technology or tool. You can wait a while for it to adjust in the market and it is any day wise to wait for future modifications that make the technology or tool more effective. However, remember waiting too long or taking years to bring technological change can plague your organization’s growth.


The employees and customers are different but both the entities are cut from the same cloth. An employee is a customer to many businesses. These businesses are engaging your employee as a customer and increasing their customer’s experience. When this customer comes to your workplace as an employee, they need to be able to experience some of these aspects of engagement and technological support. It is optimal to make employees’ experience at the workplace more hassle-free and less challenging in terms of monotonous and repetitive tasks. Hence, utilize technology wisely to ensure high performance, reduce turnover, and improve employee satisfaction.

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