Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Performance

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Artificial intelligence is now creating a world of opportunities in every industry, department, and team of the business. Then, why not use it to improve the performance of your knowledge workers?

The knowledge workers are the people who create, ideate, control, and use insights to develop new products and services. These people are more inclined towards tasks that machines can’t do effectively. But, that doesn’t mean AI-powered machines can’t help them improve the performance of their tasks.

Below we have explained how artificial intelligence can help in improving the performance of your knowledge workers.

Using AI for Workplace Performance

Let Humans Take the Lead

When AI helps humans and provides some information regarding a process or conditions, it doesn’t explicitly explain the why and the how. Most experts want to know the how of the conclusion. Better still, many experts and knowledge workers want to tell the machine to use certain factors to draw conclusions.

For instance, the medical AI machine has the power to detect the occurrence of cancer. When a machine tells the doctor that it might happen, the doctor needs to know what made the difference. He or she has to explain to the patient and assess the situation himself or herself. By telling the machine which aspects to check such as certain cell structure, enzyme production rate, etc. he can know the exact cause.

When knowledge workers take the lead, the results created by artificial intelligence machines become enhanced.

Find the Experts

In a call center, when AI was used to streamline the system to reduce average wait time, AI gave impeccable results. Previously, the call center was using a queue system, due to which delay time was too high and the call drop rate was also high.

Hence, an AI algorithm was fed with the previous legacy data and it made a few assessments based on the calls and queries received and successfully resolved by several agents. The unsuccessful resolutions were also assessed. Based on the collective information, the executives were categorized and the calls were relevantly transferred. Now, on every incoming call, the transfer route was chosen based on the expertise of the executive in a certain domain. This helped in increasing performance by 40%.

Further, AI suggested training verticals for many employees. It gave them suggestions to improve certain factors of their adopted resolution procedure.

Enhance Work Processes

An AI machine which is fed with office processes along with results can help you achieve favorable outcomes in the future. Since we have generated so much data in the past and we continue to generate data, AI can use this data to streamline company processes.

After understanding the pattern and execution of methods and tasks, the AI machine would be able to tell you the correct process to be followed in specific cases.


Looking at the above examples, it is evident that AI-powered machines have the capabilities of empowering knowledge workers. This indicates that HR managers should take a step towards implementing these technologies to allow employees to extract the full potential of their capabilities and use this potential for different, intuitive projects.

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