Unlock the Potential of Facebook in Workplace Recruitment

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It sounds unusual to search candidates via Facebook because Facebook is perceived as a social networking or social marketing application. How can you possibly look for employees there?

Maybe 5 years ago this would not have been possible as well as feasible, but, today, you can look for passive candidates on Facebook.

While every employer or human resource manager knows various ways to look for active employees, looking for passive employees is a task. These employees are people who are not actively looking for a job vacancy, but they are open to the right opportunities. You can find these people easily on Facebook with the right tactics and correct techniques.

Where Do You Look For Employees?

There are a few certain ways of looking for employees including job portals, employee recruiters, and LinkedIn.

Most people resort to different types of job portals and then track results for days and sometimes, even for months. Others, only look on LinkedIn.

It is a common belief that LinkedIn is for professional interactions, but that is not true. In reality, people use Facebook highest times in a day.

According to recent statistics, 83% of potential candidates use Facebook, 40% use Twitter, and only 36% use LinkedIn. Looking at these numbers, it is possible that you may find a great employee on Facebook whose LinkedIn profile may still display Student at XYZ College.

Is Facebook Even An Option?

While not a single platform guarantees you, potential employees, Facebook can still increase your scope. You can ask your existing employees to share your company’s vacancy message and then, reach out to people being tagged or people who are responding.

But, that is just one method of finding potential employees on Facebook, which won’t give you expected results. It is likely that your employees have no one in their profile who is the right fit for the job and it is also likely that employees may not share the vacancy at all.

Here are some of the amazing ways which can help you find the right employees for your organization.

How Can Facebook Help You In Finding Potential Employees?

1.      Impressive Content

If you are hiring occasionally, then you can simply post vacancies on your company page only. But, if you are hiring regularly, then you need a separate careers page. Other than posting relevant content, you need to give your viewer immediately CTA (call-to-action). This, CTA will direct people to your company’s careers page where they can get details and apply for the post.

Apart from these things, it is necessary to offer full information to your viewer. Vacancy post is not a normal post that can be published without company details. How will your potential employees contact you, where can they send their profiles, where can they get full details of the job duties, and how can they clear their additional queries. All these need to be there in every single post.

Hence, here, impressive content doesn’t indicate the creative part of the content, it is more about delivering full information and providing an instant CTA.

2.      Facebook Groups

Other than careers page and regular posts, one amazing way is Facebook groups. If you go to Facebook and simply search for recruitment groups, numerous results will show up. You can request to become a member of these groups and look for relevant candidates there.

Additionally, you can filter your search based on job profile, job location, candidate profile, etc. These filters will give you more refined results and automatically provide only relevant candidates.

However, keep in mind that content matters here too. You can assume that the above content guidelines will carry forward in every Facebook related employee hunt.

3.      Recruitment Ad

Targeting a specified group on Facebook is truly realized. By posting the right content and then, taking it to the correct audience is the key. You can boost the post and reach out to your target audience. However, for this to happen, your ads should be specific and your target audience should be very clear.

4.      Facebook Live

Nowadays, recruiters have started using Facebook live for announcing job posts. You can do something of this sort. Inform your audience of the live session and discuss currently vacant job positions. During the live time, you can explain to your audience about the profile in an efficient manner and take up queries that come up in real time.

Think Outside the Box: Recruit Better Employees

Finding correct employees for your organization is a task and if you are only using old-school ways, then it can take up a lot of your time and energy to look for potential candidates. Unlock the power of Facebook and find excellent, hard-working, suitable, passive candidates on this platform.

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