Troubling Issues Faced by HR In 2019

From minimizing employee turnover to offering competitive salary benefits, HR managers already have a lot on their plate. Simply put, they have to work round the clock to ensure a good, healthy structure at the workplace. While most consider the HR department to be responsible for only hiring, there is much more than that. The HR is responsible for contributing to the business growth by looking after the people of the office.

However, often many issues faced by the HR team brings down the working of this department. Hence, in this article, we will evaluate the issues that HR managers can face in 2019.

Issues Faced by HR In 2019

1. Culture

Here, culture is closely related to communication because communication forms the basis of almost every successful project execution. Imagine what could happen if two important teams stop communicating. Similarly, if a data analyst is unable to communicate the findings in simple words to the sales team, everything would be worthless. So, communication forms a culture of productivity just by allowing people to freely express their concerns.

The only thing that HR can do in this scenario is to encourage employees to communicate more often. You can organize a training session or regular meet-ups so that everyone gets acquainted with everyone else.

2. Time Management

Honestly, HR managers do it all. They have to handle new hires, help with orientation, look after salaries, and resolve daily issues. These things are already so much to handle during the office time that the focus on strategic approaches, communication, culture, team building, and growth training is reduced. Instead of being stuck with the payroll calculations, HR should be involved in future planning and more strategic tasks.

To achieve this, the HR manager can get a payroll outsourcing provider or software. This will reduce the burden which will leave enough time for other important tasks of the business.

3. Leadership Management

As already discussed, most of the time of HR is spent on manual tasks. Not only this becomes exhausting over time but also it stops HR from other activities. Although purchasing a human resource software would cost the business a lot, it will be worth every penny. These costs are covered with high retention and low turnover. Hence, you can either choose to save money by not having a human resource management software or allow your HR to focus on what’s most important – your people.

4. Toxicity Removal

Earlier, the situation was a lot different because a hierarchical system made it hard for the toxic environment to grow. But, with more strategic goals and the need for collaborative sessions, the occurrence of the toxic environment has increased. Unfortunately, HR can’t force every employee to make good relations at work with every other employee. When things go wrong, toxic aura originates which eventually starts plaguing everyone in the team. No doubt, it is always difficult to go about this issue because helping people let go of differences is an extremely tough task. So, all HR can do in this situation is to sit and talk about the circumstances and encourage teams or individuals to start over.

5.  Compliance

The law structure is changing, which means compliance guidelines are becoming more and more stringent these days. With so many accounts to look after, HR is also required to ensure compliance with changing employment laws related to tax, deductions, etc. If they let it slip even for one time, compliance penalties follow.

The HR can only reduce the risk of non-compliance either by always staying updated with new laws and regulations or purchasing HR management software.


As the HR department is one of the most essential units of the business, they face a lot of issues throughout the year. From communication gaps to compliance loopholes, everything brings down the whole working and reduces the focus on every other thing. To avoid these issues in 2019, keep these problems at bay from day one. Utilize the above tips and mitigate potential risks that might arise.

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