Transforming HR: A Digital Workforce Experience

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The way we function at workplace and deliver results is changing, and for sustainable workplace growth, we need to offer digital employee experience. But, who has the responsibility of driving this change?

It lies with the human resource department of the company. HR managers should start utilizing the power of digital to offer enhanced experience and smooth work functioning. However, is there a single solution to bring digital employee experience in a company?

There isn’t. There is a process or rather The HR Equation by Jason Averbook that can help HR managers leverage digital to its full extent.

He believes that in order to transform HR, we need to change our mindset. Today is a time when we have more tools and technologies than we could have provided to the employees a decade back. While the space outside HR is pacing rapidly, space inside is not transforming, which is restricting HRs from having a digital strategy.

Here’s a solution to this problem.

The Workforce Strategy

First, HRs need a digital workforce strategy. This is not an HR strategy but a strategy for your employees. Also, you should not buy any technology unit before you have a strategy in hand. It is of no worth buying the technology first and then, thinking about the digital strategy. The chances of this working are slim. “It’s like getting on a plane without knowing where it’s going,” Averbook comments.

The HR Equation

The pillars of a strong strategy are made up of people, processes, technology, and the mindset. Let’s understand what are these exactly.

1.      Mindset

Right now, we are all working in a traditional way. Some are willing to leverage technology and others are vouching against it. To provide digital experience, you need to bring your whole team together. Your employees should be willing to accept the change, increase workplace transparency, and use technology to the fullest.

2.      People

Having the right people by your side is important. There is no point in offering a digital experience to employees if they are not willing to adapt to this technology. Your people should be willing to use technology and improve processes by utilizing this technology.

3.      Processes

To offer enhanced digital experience, you should ensure that your business processes are streamlined and focusing on the user. Once this is clarified, you need to unite your team to adopt new processes for leveraging technology.

4.      Technology

Technology comes in last. Why? It is because after you have streamlined everything else, technology can come into the picture. You will now be able to utilize technology for digital transformation.

Leveraging the Workforce-Experience Mindset

After sorting all of these, you will be ready for workforce-experience mindset. Averbook says, “If you start with the mindset and the people and the process, I guarantee your technology deployment is going to be 1000% more successful.”

You need to push your people to accept the change, adapt to technology, and when everybody is prepared and saying, “We are ready for digital,” you are ready to focus on growth.

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