Tips to keep yourself safe from the Corona virus

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Corona Virus or COVID-19 is a family of SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) family of viruses. This COVID-19 has affected several people in 71 countries all over the world. The corona Virus infection has been reported from China and first reported from Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019. India said the first corona Virus infection was detected on 30th January 2020 in Kerala state, and the affected person traveled back from Wuhan, China.

Corona Virus spreads from one infected person to another through cough or exhalation; this typically releases droplets of infected fluid. People who get in touch with this infected fluid on contaminated surfaces like a work desk telephone etc. and touch their eyes, nose, and mouth can get affected. The virus also infects others while standing within a meter of a COVID-19 affected person.

The HR teams need to create awareness about the Corona Virus and how one should stay safe. This is highly needed right now to avoid an epidemic like situation. Here are some essential tips or precautions that can be taken care of in an organization for a better work environment.

Some tips to keep yourself safe from the Corona Virus

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Rakesh Jain

Rakesh Jain

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Rakesh Jain

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