Things to Consider for Your Employment Brand

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Executing and hiring in an employee’s market is as hard as it already is and not creating an employment brand adds to the struggle. Every organization, as an employer, should have a market reputation and brand name.

Think of it like this:

When we pitch customers and execute certain marketing activities, the goal is to create a brand name for customers. For instance, when in doubt, everyone says Let’s Google it. The best platform for buying products and receiving delivery in one day is Amazon Prime. And the best method for making transactions is Paypal.

There is no doubt that these organizations have created a brand name for themselves as far as customers are concerned. Similar to this, if we flip the coin and assess the situation from an employee’s point of view, then many businesses have also created a brand name as an employer.

Take Google only, for example. It is great to work with Google and we all already know that. They have an employment brand no other company can penetrate.

Accenture has set an example for all the organizations by becoming a woman-oriented organization. They even conduct several woman-only placement drives to encourage more and more women to become independent.

Now, don’t you think that employment brand is as essential as the brand name for customers?

Here are some of the important factors for creating an employment brand:

Define Brand Value

You are not required to exclusively define your brand because honestly, many other organizations are providing the same type of products and services. You are required to define brand value. And while doing so, you need to consider the Employee Value Proposition.

Understanding EVP:

For every employee, there is more to a job than just a paycheque. We don’t go to work daily just to earn some money. Of course, it may be true for some but not all. Most of us go to work for non-monetary benefits as well.

For instance, an intern is not concerned about money and he is in the company to learn. Other employees may be working on a lower salary than their potential just because they need a growth-intensive and an innovative working environment.

Know Your Voice

Everyone and every business have a voice. A writer has a voice, isn’t it? Every writer is distinct from the other writer due to his or her voice.

When thinking about the voice of the brand, businesses should think of the valuable things that you provide to your employees. From the perspective of your organization, think of how differently you will treat your employees.

Have A Personality

If your beliefs and values that radiate the voice of your employment brand, your personality conveys this voice. This goal is to not make your company attractive with your voice but to use this voice to make your company authentic and reliable. This will encourage talented professionals to join your company during a job opening.

Have an Identity

One of the most important elements for the employment brand is having an identity. This goes for both customer and employee brands. The customers should be able to relate with your company’s identity or logo and the employees should be able to do the same. Just by seeing your logo, these professionals should be able to relate the type of job role and opportunities they can receive with your company.

Make A Guide

Have a specific guide for your HR department to ensure that every individual conveys the same voice to the employees. Include the words you can or cannot use, the way employees should be addressed, and the non-monetary benefits that can be offered to the employees. Every corner and aspect of your organization should radiate the same employment brand in every term.

Review and Update

It is necessary to note that change is the basis for every brand name. Businesses need to regularly keep changing their propositions, values, and target audience. From time to time, we observe market shift and with that shift, internal aspects of the company should also shift.

When it is an employee’s market, you can make the job offer more and more employee specific. But, when we are in an employer’s market, the job offers can be a little inclined towards the company.


It is helpful to create an employment brand that speaks for itself. If you want employees to willingly come to your organization and then happily work to increase performance, it is imperative to offer something to stay for. This offering comes from pure dedication towards making employees a priority, which leads us to creating an employment brand.

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