Should You Offer Paid Paternity and Parental Leave?

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While women are the ones who bear the child and need necessary paid maternity leaves for several reasons, men also require paternity leaves. This is due to the fact that even fathers are required to take responsibility for the child and the household. Welcoming a baby in your family is such a huge task and it can’t be handled by the mother alone.

Hence, we have explained below why men should receive paternity leaves after the birth of their child.

1.   Encourage Loyalty

Paternity leaves encourage employee loyalty towards the organization. It is a crucial time for the employees and a very few employers offer paid paternity leave. When you join that league, your employees immediately start respecting you for helping them in the time of need.

2.   Boost Retention

We, today, have a diverse workforce and this workforce requires you to provide additional benefits. You can easily provide these benefits through paid paternity leaves. With improved employee benefits, the retention rate of the organization also improves. You won’t have to go through the hectic process of recruitment too often and you can avoid the break in performance with enhanced retention rate.

3.   Attract Talent

As already discussed, the workforce requires more than just a paycheck. They are looking forward to enhanced culture, environment, and benefits. These benefits include paternity leaves. If you offer paternity leaves to male counterparts, you are surely set to attract a lot of people in their mid-twenties or early-thirties. These people would jump at the first chance of working in a company that offers paid paternity leaves.

4.   Reduce Work Gap

Paid paternal or parental leaves allow employees to return to the organization after the birth of the child. It reduces the drop rate as they can return to the same job. If you don’t offer paid paternal or parental leaves, it is likely for the women to drop out and find a new job when they are ready to get back to work. The situation is the same with men. They can leave the job for a better job that offers paternal leaves.

By offering paid paternal and parental leaves, you can reduce the work gap created when an employee leaves.

5.   Reduce Pressure

Every person wants to support his or her family after the birth of the child. This is both emotionally and financially. But, only one is possible. Either they can take leaves and emotionally support the baby and wife or they can stay in office and financially support the baby and wife. With paid leaves, both the parents are able to achieve emotional and financial support which reduces the mental pressure and keeps the employees stress-free.


Paid parental and paternity leaves help both male and female employees to peacefully take care of their child when it is most needed. When you offer this monetary and emotional support to the employees, you help them in increasing their loyalty towards your brand. Read the above reasons to understand why you should offer paid parental leaves to employees.

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