Role of Branding in employee hiring and retention

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If you hear the word branding, one would immediately think that this is the responsibility of the marketing department. Well, yes that’s true since most of the company branding mechanism are in place to ensure that they can attract new customers and engage better with existing customers, and so it falls within the purview of the marketing department. However today a lot of HR teams are contemplating about the role of branding in employee hiring and retention. They want to get into employer branding as well, clearly to attract and retain better talent. Let me explain

Role of branding in Employee Hiring

When HR teams/ recruitment teams are hiring people to fulfil open positions in the company, they are usually faced with some tough questions from prospective candidates about the company. While the job position and the JD might be attractive, it is quite likely that the candidates do not aspire to join the company as it is not a strong employer brand. Every candidate has their own social circle and when they are asked by friends or family about where they work, they like to be associated with employer brands, that their friends and family can relate to very well. This also helps them elevate their status position among their peer group.

All of us know that in branding/positioning, there is no such thing as an absolute truth. Whatever we consistently communicate and propagate as a brand slowly becomes our branding position. (of course, this is over-simplification, but this is a quick summary) So as employers, how can you elevate your position as a preferred employer or as a fun place to work, so that more and more candidates are keen to join your company and your recruitment worries start dissolving? Clearly role of branding in employee hiring is increasing significantly.

Role of branding in retention

In employee retention as well, some similar things apply. If the organization has been recognized or has been awarded for something, all of this creates a very proud feeling among the employees, even if that person is not directly involved with the award/recognition. Such awards and recognition also help in elevating the employee position in his social circle and it is common for most of them to like this feeling. The kind of things an organization does in employee engagement also helps in creating a strong bonding among employees. A company that spends efforts to create great working teams, at work as well as beyond work tends to be known among the good employers. Typically, you will find that the employee turnover rate in such companies is very low.

We may mask the branding exercises under different names, but the end result that organizations are looking for are the same. On the marketing side, they are targeting customers and prospects and want to promote themselves as a brand that customers can trust. On the employee hiring/retention side, organizations are promoting themselves as a great place to work, employee friendly org etc. What are you doing at your organization to improve hiring and retention, would love to hear feedback and comments.

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