Recruitment trends to watch out for in 2018

Human Resources as a field is constantly changing and adjusting to a growing and younger global workforce. In 2017, the human resources industry has done a lot of souls searching about the way culture and performance issues were handled within companies. In 2018, another big internal shift is coming, but this time the focus will be on technology and how it can be used to find people, connect with people, engage them and possibly even replace people… For years, technology has acted as a tool to help in automation and to simplify day-to-day tasks, but the focus in 2018 will be technology as a way of life in the workplace.

Recruiting Technology Trends for 2018

There will be over two billion mobile Internet users in the world. If those users are looking for jobs, they are likely using their mobile devices to search for the right positions.Hence, the technology that you use as a part of your recruitment strategy has to be more user-friendly.

Here are some of the recruitment  trends in 2018 to pay attention to:

Employer branding: Your company’s image is one of the best recruitment tools you have. As candidates become more informed, they also become more picky about where they want to work. Now the time has changed, Employees also want to work according to their interest and the environment, where they want to work. Be sure to monitor and modify, boost your employer branding to represent what you have to offer and why candidates should join your team.

Use Online Resources: Do your research to see what new online resources are available for hiring managers in 2018,Resources like Social Connections, LinkedIn, HR Forums, who offer a resource section with relevant articles for human resource professionals as well as match HR managers tasked with hiring for their companies to the most relevant recruiters, head-hunters, and staffing agencies.

Effective engagement with the millennials: The bulk of your recruitment is likely to be the millennials, who have very different preferences when it comes to being employed. While HR strategies will need to be adapted to suit the millennials, much of the recruitment strategies will need to be adapted to. Just because someone does not wear formal clothing or is not well kept does not mean that he will not be suitable for the job. A lot of recruitment managers will need some of what they have learned through the years.

Holistic approach needed for the recruiting process: The recruiting process doesn’t start when you sign up with a recruiter or head-hunter. It likely starts a few months back when your boss lets you know about upcoming changes and asks you to begin the process of sourcing good candidates to meet the requirements. And if it is about any fresher’s requirement, maybe it is easy to post a job opening or you can approach colleges, but when you are looking to source candidates for mid-level or senior level management positions, the process can be a lot more complex.

Machine learning to identify right candidates: Nowadays, a lot of tools are available which will leverage machine learning algorithms and help you scan through very large databases in quick time. Hiring in 2018 will need to be much faster, else you will end up missing revenue opportunities. If the recruitment needs to be done fast, then the search process has to be accurate and needs to leverage machine learning to deliver accurate results.

More data needs better-recruiting practices: Identifying the recruiting practices that bring you the best results has always been a challenge. As we get into 2018, the amount of data that you will need to process to get to the right candidate is only going to increase. It will take better-recruiting strategies to ensure that you are able to get to your suitable candidate, faster and close positions quicker.

Remember, the perception of the human resources field is changing.Putting together the right team is a science and an art. Recruiting technology helps you blend the two, making the search for the perfect candidate a lot easier. While you plan your recruitment strategies for 2018, make sure that you keep in mind some of the points we talk about in this article.

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Ajay Gindi

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