Outrageous Practices in HR Industry

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We all know the HR team of the organization as the most conservative, risk-free one. However, the riskiest operation of hiring lies in their hands. They are always trying to get it right every time because one wrong hire can terribly ruin productivity and lead to lost working hours.

Can some outrageous practices improve the efficiency of HR?

Let’s find out!

1. No Permanent Employment

Everywhere an employee joins as temporary staff, and after a certain period, they are shifted to permanent employment. However, many businesses have now stopped hiring people on permanent payroll. To keep the productivity alive, they ask every employee to interview again after 5-6 years.

The Revel Casino and Hotel did something similar. They wanted to remove weak performers as we know that no manager will take a strong step of firing someone until they commit a grave mistake. Hence, the hotel hires employees on 4 or 5-year contract, after which every employee has to re-interview for the job role. This eliminates weak performers.

2. Recruitment Meetups

A PR firm, Edelman sourced all its social media contacts and created a meetup for recruitment. They asked their employees to invite people to the meetup, where everyone was served and a session was conducted with a brief presentation. Many people attend meetups like these, which enables the company to hire new, skilled people.

3. Bold Branding

Since branding helps a lot in attracting new talent, Amazon placed an open letter on its homepage stating the benefits it offers to its employees for education. Although it was shocking for many customers, it was surprisingly amazing for others. As everyone who would want to work with Amazon will definitely use their e-commerce once, these prospects will know that this company is worth working for.

Moreover, it is a unique idea, isn’t it?

4. Amazing Vacation Policy

We all know how important vacation is for us. Every year, we plan something amazing just to realize that we can’t take leave because a lot of people are going away. Other times, the company only allows you one vacation in a year, which is kind of weird as we don’t even get to decide the number of vacations we can go on.

Contrary to this practice, some organizations such as Netflix have started giving its employees unlimited vacation. This method gives the employees the discretion to select their own vacation period.

5. Refer and Earn

Many organizations don’t prefer hiring friends of their employees for certain reasons. However, Tata Consultancy did exactly the opposite by setting up a referral program, in which employees had to refer a friend. The company additionally offered credits or benefits to employees who referred to a friend that got hired successfully.

6. Keep It A Secret

Whenever a large organization carries out a major recruitment drive, its competitors also participate to understand the HR activities, roles, and responsibilities. To seal that from the competitors, Apple, sometimes, doesn’t share details of the job role with the candidates until they are hired. They interview the person and reveal the roles and responsibilities only once the recruit has physically joined office.


To offer a competitive edge to your HR department, you can also adopt some of these HR practices. For instance, unlimited vacation seems like an exciting option that many employees would prefer. You can give talented, skilled people a reason to join your firm with the above tricks.


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