Next gen HR – 5 ways Technology is Changing HR Processes Significantly

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The Human Resources department is always a hub of activity owing to the large volume of employees, processes, and compliances that it needs to handle. In the olden days, before the widespread use and advent of technology, recruiters had their work cut out for themselves owing to manual processes and operations.

However, today’s scenario is very different owing to fast connectivity, global presences, and the fact that practically everyone can be found online. In this article, we are going to look at 5 ways in which technology has brought about a significant change in HR processes.

The Effect of Technology on HR Processes – How It Has Changed

Faster and Better Recruitment

Recruiting was once a long drawn out process that also cost companies quite a few bucks. The process involved looking for candidates through advertisements, recruitment drives, and personal meetings, and then slowly narrowing down the large pool to a select few. However, if the final candidates turned out unsuitable for the job, it would result in a lot of time and money spent.

Today, there are plenty of social networks, LinkedIn being the most popular, where HR professionals can peruse through a wide base of prospective candidates and directly get in touch to set up interviews or meetings.

This definitely saves them time, and quite a lot of money too.

Effortless Communication

Communicating has now become a quick affair. The HR department can now send an email or message within a matter of seconds to any and all employees, departments, managers, etc. Today, companies can also make use of various communication software and applications, which makes it possible to get any message across immediately.

Earlier, the HR department would need to compose the message, type and print it out, pass the circular around or send it to every individual employee. And then get their acknowledgment. Communication technology helps HR professionals save a lot of time and resources in getting across important messages.

Effective Performance Analysis

Performance analysis has been made more accurate and easy owing to technological processes. Earlier, the entire process depended on feedback and observations from higher management and team members. This made it subjective and prone to biases.

With technology, the HR department can accurately assess how much time employees spend on a piece of work, how many hours they work in the day, their overall work ethic, etc. to effectively analyze their performance and give appraisals accordingly.

Transparency in Pay and Benefits Information

Employees want to know how much money they are being paid, where it is going, and what benefits they are receiving out of it. Before the introduction of payroll technology, the HR department had to go through a lot of work, expending a lot of time and resources to make this information available to employees.

A payroll software has all this information and data built-in. Employees can receive a monthly breakup of their salary and benefits data in their payslip. It is also a lot faster for HR departments to update financial information of employees, like raises, resignations, leave payments, etc.

Compliance is Efficient and Quick

Compliance often becomes a big issue since norms keep changing and updating, requiring a lot of storage space for paperwork and information. With technology, HR departments can store employee data on clouds, thus saving server space. This data can also be accessed and sorted easily and quickly.

The positive side of technology is that data can be stored and managed without piles of paperwork of a surge of forms to be completed. This also saves a lot of time.

Parting Thoughts

Technology has been a great boon to Human Resources. It has made HR processes easier, faster, and universal. It helps HR professionals recruit the right candidates easily and quickly, and manage employee records efficiently whilst managing compliances. Technology has thus helped the HR department save a lot of time and resources in their processes.


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