Leveraging the Power of Visual Storytelling For HR

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Today’s workplace is constantly evolving and the HR department is always head over heels to retain, train, encourage, and hire new talent. It is not anymore about just hiring people who can work for the right number of hours on a certain salary. It is rather about skilled professionals who can innovate and bring value to the organization. For this, of course, HR also needs new innovative methods and no doubt, visual storytelling is one of these methods.

In this article, we will discuss how visual storytelling can enhance HR functions such as retaining, nurturing and recruiting of employees.

1. Radiate Authenticity

We are programmed in a manner to connect easily with humans, which can be achieved through visual storytelling. While words do have a wide impact on a certain group, this might not be the case with everyone. Visuals, on the other hand, leave an impression on everyone. You may not remember a story told to you by someone but you will remember an exciting incident that happened 10 years back. Hence, using visual storytelling in HR, we can improve everything. For instance, you can use it for orientation and have your employees understand in an efficient manner about the work culture of your office.

2. Be Different

Every organization does something to eventually detox their employees. Since we are all prone to falling in a workplace rut, taking a break is necessary. For this, there are flash mobs, office parties, outings, and competitions. But, what about a short visual storytelling session?

This can help your employees destress and just relax. Have a small session of poetry and rejuvenate your workplace.

3. Enhance Retention

Retaining employees is one of the most difficult tasks for every HR team. Hiring people is still easier but making them stay gives you chills. If an employee leaves, you may lose many work hours, some clients, products, and there will be additional costs of hiring.

Visual storytelling telling can improve retention. You can stay at top of your game through this technique and enable your employees to share their concerns. You can use analytics first to judge the conditions of your workplace and then analyze what is going on in the outside market. When you know what employees want, you can deliver somethings through storytelling. For instance, interactive training sessions for personal growth.

4. Handle Sensitive Subjects

Apart from dealing with major activities such as recruitment and retention, HR also needs to handle sensitive matters. For instance, if an employee has left after a few days due to a stressful environment, you need to analyze why this is happening.

Sometimes, stress happens due to external factors such as a rude manager or bullying. You can address these sensitive matters through storytelling without hurting someone’s feelings.

5. Better Recruitment

When you move an individual to your recruitment funnel, he or she will definitely check your social media before anything. They will search for your company, check your reviews, and some will even talk to your previous or current employees.

For employees to radiate your company values and your social media, you can add some storytelling videos. You can make a video on partnership or company culture.


Did you know that 90% of data that is processed by our brain is visual?

This makes visual storytelling an important tool for delivering information. HRs can make functioning better in so many ways just with storytelling. However, remember that you don’t have to overload your videos with information. Further, keep your goal clear.

For instance, if you are using visual storytelling for training, then pick one topic and keep this as the center of attraction. In between this topic, don’t merge sensitive topics such as workplace bullying or rut.

Have a brainstorming session with the HR team before executing anything to come up with a good plan. Just think-outside-the-box and see how it can improve your workplace.

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