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Globally, a large number of employees quit their job because of their managers. Employees who are not happy with their managers find it difficult to willingly contribute when it comes to their responsibilities. It is natural for their performance levels and productivity to reduce over a period of time. And that’s another reason tussles develop between these individuals and their managers.

One of the biggest cause of low employee engagement is the lack of efficient leadership in the organization. They are unable to drive motivation and bring out the best out of their employees and often resort to dictatorial practices to get the job done. These practices cause more harm than good in the workplace. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) of such companies will more clearly reveal the truth to the management as to how this is affecting their employees.

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Dr. Soniya Yadwadkar

Dr. Soniya Yadwadkar

Dr. Soniya holds a Doctorate in Management Sciences and has over 22 years of professional experience in leading and implementing Strategic Business and People Management Initiatives in diverse industry segments. She is proficient in conceptualizing and implementing corporate level Strategic Business Management and HR OD initiatives such as Strategic planning, Balanced Score Card, Competency based HR Processes and Systems, Organizational Restructuring and Cultural Transformation, Post Merger HR Integration, Organization Development and Change Management.
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Dr. Soniya Yadwadkar

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