Increasing Employee Performance with Wellness Apps

Every HR manager knows that happy employees mean more productive environment. There is no denying to the fact that organizations making more efforts for employee happiness and wellbeing get more work done.

Since workplace happiness is something that millennials strife for but rarely gets, it is really essential. We believe, for most, workplace happiness is feeling positive in the setting and environment. Your employees should have the internal urge to come back to the office every day.

Let’s analyze how can you look after employee wellbeing and increase employee performance through the use of technology.

Gallup and Healthways Data

Gallup and Healthways together conducted a survey and defined 5 elements of wellbeing in an individual’s life:

  • Liking for what we do every day and encouragement to achieve our designated goals.
  • Having loving and supportive relationships.
  • Being able to effectively manage economic factors for stress-free living.
  • Liking towards community, workplace, and living place.
  • Having a healthy body and living standards.

Using these factors, the study further categorized individuals to be of three categories:

  1. Thriving with better health and consistent living.
  2. Struggling with inconsistency.
  3. Suffering from low wellbeing.

Unfortunately, many of us are not thriving in any of the 5 factors. We are either struggling to survive or suffering.

Simply put, our lives are disproportionate in the way we execute and carry out things.

The study also related the use of health apps to great wellbeing, which resulted in thriving situations in many factors.

While this is not directly related to HR, use of health apps can encourage wellbeing in employees.

Wellbeing and Productivity

It is known that healthy employees are 3 times extra productive than individuals who have low health standards.

If an employee is not healthy, he might fall sick more. This individual may me lethargic, more prone diseases, and more likely to take leaves. When that happens, the burden of work falls upon other employees, which creates an aura of stress at the workplace.

Consider this scenario, you have an urgent project going on. The client is really important to the organization. During the final closing stages of the project, one employee takes sick leave of 10 days. The burden of his work falls on the shoulders of other employees. Hence, the team has to stay back in the office, which will incur anger and stress at some point.

Additionally, you may have to pay these employees compensation for staying back in office. While the employee on leave may have paid sick leaves, the company will incur the cost of lost working hours.

How Can You Boost Wellbeing Through Mobile Technology?

1.      Ask Leader to Assist

During office get-togethers, ask a manager or leader to encourage the use of a health app. The individual team leads or managers can personally motivate their team members to go for a walk after lunch, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and get up from the chair more often.

2.      Test Efficiency

Just as we regularly hold an in-house competition to encourage employees, you can create a competition to test the efficiency of your employees. For instance, who can complete 10,000 steps until the end of the day?

3.      A Flash Mob

Many companies have a culture of organizing a flash mob in office on weekends. You can motivate your employees to download 7-minute exercise app and conduct a flash mob for this every morning. We all know, that 7-minutes a day would not cause loss of work in any manner. Hence, this is a great idea to motivate everyone to workout.

4.      Stress Relieving on Weekend s

At the end of every weekend, you can have a running competition or something that involves exercising and healthy eating. In fact, one great way is to just relax. Hire a yoga instructor or ask in every department for people who know yoga and involve them to teach everyone relaxing poses.

It is good to detox. Wellbeing is not just physical wellbeing, it is staying mentally healthy too. And that will happen only when your employees are able to detox at the end or starting of each week.

5.      Don’t Force It

Nothing can be forced. If your employees don’t want to do it sometimes, let them skip. It is not a mandatory activity and sometimes, people can’t make time for it. Hence, let it be something people want to get involved in on their own.


Wellbeing and health play an important role in every aspect of our life. It does not just work or personal relationships, it is simply everything. If you are not healthy, you would feel dizzy and lethargic all day. Your motivation to work and get going will be zero. But, if you go for an early walk and track your steps, everything during the day would be easy. Encourage this thought in your employees. It will automatically reduce the number of sick leaves and motivate your employees to achieve more in less time.

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