How You Can Use Social Media as a Recruitment Tool?

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Did you know that 70% of employers utilize social media to find employees and potential recruits?

Social media is not just a tool to understand the social behavior of your employees but it is also used for promoting job openings. Take LinkedIn, for example. Don’t we see thousands of post about job openings on LinkedIn? Most of the freelancers survive because of LinkedIn and many talented professionals have landed a job because of LinkedIn.

Hence, looking at the importance of social media in recruiting, we have explained in detail how you can use social media as a recruitment tool.

1.   Understand Behavior

Along with posting vacancies online, you can understand the social behavior of your employees. We post a lot of content on social media and this content says a lot about our nature, personality, and behavior. You can analyze all these things just by visiting the profile of the candidate.

For instance, a content writer is expected to have a dedicated, optimized, and engaging content on their profile page. A graphic designer is expected to have creative posts on their social page.

Similarly, you can also analyze additional aspects about the candidate such as how good they in communicating with others, how loudly or clearly they express their ideas, or how much outreach they have.

2.   Reach a Wider Audience

Social media instantly gives you a wider outreach. If you are able to reach 100 candidates through job portals and postings, you can double this number by posting your job openings on LinkedIn or Facebook.

People are already looking forward to new opportunities, and potential employees are more active on social media than any other platform. So, it is safe to say that you can instantly increase your outreach with social media posts.

3.   Utilize Targeted Recruiting

You can run targeted recruitment ads on LinkedIn. This would help you attract more audience than usual. In fact, many recruiters or HR managers usually find the right candidate in their network only. They receive connection requests on a daily basis and building this network pays off when they need a new employee for a certain job.

If not that, you can simply search on LinkedIn by typing the job role and you would find several potential candidates in minutes. It is that simple!

4.   Reduce Time for Recruitment

In all these activities, the time for recruitment is reduced. You can post on social media, immediately receive multiple applications, and shortlist from this list. This would speed up the process and help the HR manager to select the right candidate in less time.

This is due to the fact that people are more responsive to social media so it is easy to receive quick responses.


No matter the method you choose for social media recruitment, it would help you improve your recruitment pipeline. Recruitment is such a hectic task that HR managers rarely get time to acquaint employees to the environment. When the recruitment task is simplified and streamlined, it is easier to focus on the orientation, training, and performance of the employees.

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