How to Help Your Employees Handle Rejection and Keep Them from Leaving?

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When you tell an employee that he has not received promotion or incentive, it is not hard for him or her to get disappointed. This disappointment can also lead to low confidence which can compel the employee to leave the job and find another job position.

How can you retain this employee?

How can you ensure that this employee understands that the rejection doesn’t mean he is not valued?

Below we have explained how you can help your employees handle rejection. But, before we explore that, it is necessary to understand that the driving force for every employee is different. Some require money and some need appreciation. Others would require a combination of both and many employees just stay in a job because of growth opportunities and learning.

Below methods are applicable for all these requirements and varied needs of the employees.

1. Communicate

The best method is to communicate. Sit with the employee after the rejection and explain to them the reason for rejection. It can be due to lack of experience or someone else had better chances of getting the position.

Further, it is imperative for the HR to deliver this news in-person rather than putting it up on the bulletin board or writing a mail. Talk to the employee in person to help them understand that it is not because they are not capable. It is necessary for employees to take rejections positively to continue working with efficiency.

2. Analyze

If you have a formal method for analyzing the promotion criteria, it would be easier for employees to stay motivated even after rejection. When the criteria for promotion or hike is objective rather than subjective, employees have something to look forward too. They know they can improve their career growth possibilities with hard work, which helps them to keep going without leaving the organization.

3. The Action Plan

The action plan is nothing but helping the employees overcome weaknesses. There is always a reason to not choose an employee for promotion or choosing someone above them. This reason should be clarified to the employee. After that, the HR manager should sit and work with the employee to overcome this weakness strategically so that the employee can apply for the next promotion and get promoted successfully.


Rejections are hard to accept and harder to overcome. It is not possible for the employees to alone handle this rejection and keep going on with motivation. The HR manager necessarily needs to support, motivate, and encourage the employees to keep going without falling off the wagon. Only by constant support and engagement from the HR team, it is possible to reduce turnover and help the employees improve their efficiency.

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