Hiring Misconceptions That You Need to Avoid

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Hiring is an endless sea if you keep paying attention to all the misconceptions that it places in front of you.

“Oh, you should totally have a payroll management tool.”

“You need to try a flexible schedule for your employees.”

“You should not set goals as it can decrease performance.”

The truth is no matter what people say, there is no right or wrong way of doing a certain thing in hiring. What works for one organization may not work for others. Hence, we have prepared a list of misconceptions that runs in the HR industry.

1. Type of Candidate Requirement

Some organizations really do know the type of candidates they want to hire as they use HR or augmented analytics to match their requirements. But, most businesses can’t set this image for a perfect hire without such advanced tools. You can never know what type of candidate will perfectly fit in your available work profile. Hence, this makes it important to keep your mind open while hiring candidates. You need to be aware of the qualities that can benefit the position.

2. Time for Filling A Position

Time for filling a position is sometimes too short and at other times, too long. You need to invest a lot of time to figure out the right candidate without wasting too much of your resources. Interview a lot of candidates, post on job portals, and constantly keep searching for new people even when you have already set your mind to hire one.

This person can back off or you may figure out that this candidate is actually not the ideal one or you may simply find the perfect fit if you keep searching.

3. Need for Tools

Restricting your employee search to only one hiring platform or social media won’t give you a variety of candidates. You will only be constricted to a specified area when, in reality, you can find amazing skilled people on various other platforms. So, widen your search horizons and lookout everywhere you can. To find a perfect hire, you need to struggle first.

4. Goal Setting Practises

A lot of businesses believe that setting goals develop pressure on the employees which leads to low performance. This may be true in the case of some employees but it is not in the case of every employee. In fact, most employees will perform better if you develop a habit of goal setting and then rewarding the employee at the end of each month for achieving goals.

For instance, salespeople always have a target in hand. If they overachieve it, they get rewarded highly. When they don’t achieve it, the company can move on and find a new, better-equipped person.

5. Not Asking for Pay

One major loophole that HRs leave is not asking for pay expectation. If you have listed pay as ‘To be discussed’ or ‘No bar for the right candidate’ in the job listing, ask the pay expectations while interviewing. Because many people change jobs because of pay raise and if you can’t offer this pay raise or compensation due to any reasons, there is no point of spending so much time on a candidate.

Now, you may think that you can lose a good candidate too in the process. Probably not as someone who is looking for things more than pay raise will be willing to negotiate too.


HR plays the most crucial role in the organization as these individuals are responsible for hiring the correct candidates for the company. If HR team gives in to these misconceptions, the efficiency will automatically reduce. So, keep an open mind while hiring and open arms to new trends, tools, and technologies for the betterment of the workplace.

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