Here’s How You Can Improve Your Employer Branding

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As the lines between recruitment and marketing are blurring, employer branding is becoming more and more essential. It is necessary to stand out from other competitors in the market offering a similar type of benefits to the employees. You need to develop a bond of trust with your existing employees as well as potential candidates to have an edge in the industry. This only helps you hire the best talent, which ultimately increases the productivity of the whole workplace.

Hence, owing to the importance of employer branding, we have made a list of things that can help you attract skilled employees.

Improving Employer Branding

1.  Define

Whenever you are delivering any message on your careers page or social media, be sure that you define and display your message in a manner that potential hires understand it. Every touch-point on your social media, as well as the website, should align with your brand as a whole. A uniformity in defining your brand helps your audience connect with your brand more easily.

2.  Nurture

Implement how you believe your workplace culture should be.

Since recruitment is a major role of the HR department, aiming to harbor a good, feasible culture is the key. So much so that 83% of candidates will engage with a business that has an inclusive culture. Hence, proceed towards making things more inclusive and let your potential hires know this throughout the recruitment process.

3.  Understand

Most of us use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn. Whenever you reach out to a candidate or a candidate reaches your company, it is highly likely that they will check your company reviews on these platforms. Glassdoor revealed that 70% of potential hires check reviews before they decide the company they want to join.

This means that apart from having a great office culture, you need to have good digital media presence as well. Make your culture and workplace so supportive that your employees naturally leave positive reviews for future hires.

Note: This doesn’t mean that your employees won’t leave. Everyone is looking for growth. Just ensure that everyone leaves on a good note.

4.  Embrace

If technology is in every business sector today, then why not HR?

Well, this doesn’t indicate that you have to use computers. You need to utilize technology to personalize the journey of your potential candidates. The whole recruitment process should be a rememberable, learning experience for the candidate. Usually, it is a journey which involves hectic calls to the HR and being confused about what is happening. You can change that with customizing applicant experience.

For instance, implementing bots for offering all time support and status update to the candidate.

5.  Use Storytelling

Telling a story on your landing page or social media will help your candidates connect with your brand. This will assist you in hiring the best, skilled experts.

To have the maximum impact, share your personal story. Through your personal experience, help your potential hires develop a bond with your company.

6.  Connect

You need to streamline your candidate and user experience. It is known that many people stop purchasing from a brand altogether due to bad candidate experience.

Repurpose your branding effort for including your audience, users, stakeholders, and potential hires to deliver a constant message.

7.  Evolve

To build your employer brand, you need to flex the rules a bit. You will have to make some changes to keep the environment positive.

Constant evolution in rules, culture, and workplace ethics are needed to maintain a brand image. Somethings that were widely accepted even 5 years back may not be as feasible today. For instance, many employees look forward to flexible working hours which was not possible back then.

Hence, you need to eventually evolve through the branding phase to help your candidates and employees stay connected.


Today, recruitment is more than just finding a candidate with the right skill set on the resume. Now, organizations need more intellectual employees who are willing to help the organization grow. On the other hand, organizations are willing to help employees achieve career growth in every manner. Having this mutual bonding is the first step towards creating an employer brand. Once you align this, utilize the above pointers to connect to your potential hires.

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