Here’s How Chatbots Can Enhance the Recruitment Process

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Chatbots are everywhere.

Whenever you order food and contact the support, a chatbot greets you.

If you have to complain about a bought product, the chat support is actually a chatbot.

When you contact support to change the password, chatbots help you out.

Now, what if chatbots are used in recruitment as well?

Your recruits could simply ask the bot about the recruitment status or clear their queries. It won’t impact your working as you won’t have to stay available all the times. Chatbot will handle it all.

Plus, if you look at it, then most people don’t like talking to support executive, HRs, or other people too frequently. These people can interact with chatbot without facing any issue.

Owing to the convenience offered by chatbots, we have prepared a list of things you should know. Let’s dig deeper and explore the unknown benefits and applications of chatbots.

How Chatbots Enhance the Recruitment Process?

1.  Enhanced Experience

Candidate experience comes in everywhere we are talking about human resources or hiring. Implementing chatbots only means you are making applicants’ life easier. This means that they won’t have to follow-up or wait till you decide which person to recruit. Applicants can stay updated with chatbots and grab new opportunities if your organization can’t provide them one at the moment.

Why chatbots are so efficient in this?

Well, because it is too hectic for a human to follow-up and manage recruitment too. They can’t do it all. When you need to hire a lot of candidates, the task becomes even more complicated. Hence, to reduce the burden, bots can be used – solving issues of the recruiter as well as the applicant.

2.  Easy Guidance

You can train your bot to answer a general question related to your organization as well as the job role. This will assist candidates as they will be able to ask the bot anything related to your company. It would be like a FAQ but in an interactive manner.

You can’t take every query and answer every query personally. Let the technology accomplish the job it is too good at.

3.  Streamlined Shortlisting

One least utilized function of chatbot can be to shortlist candidates. This means that the bot can be programmed to shortlist the applicants based on their qualification. The bot will ask the candidate a few questions. If the candidate matches the requirements of the job role, his or her resume will be forwarded to the HR department. This can save the HR a lot of time spent unnecessarily on calls, meetings, and shortlisting between piles of resume.

Every HR would simply swear by the difficulty of finding the right candidates who are eligible for the job role. If some technology can do this job for them, wouldn’t it become so feasible?

4.   All-Time Availability

Let’s face it – we are humans and the HR team can’t be available round the clock. But, chatbots can be. For example, if you order food at 2 in the night, a chatbot can assist you with basic queries. Similarly, if a candidate is preparing for the interview in the late night, he or she should have the flexibility to ask basic questions. Of course, it is not possible to get in touch with the HR team after office hours, but chatbots are always available.

5.   Brand Connection

Throughout the recruitment cycle, the HR team is not only evaluating the candidate but also connecting them to the brand. All along the process, the applicant actually develops a connection with the workplace which helps them adjust to the environment moving forward.

When communications are clear and recruitment funnel is streamlined, this connection becomes strong. So, you end up hiring candidates who are emotionally connected to your brand.


We all know how chatbots are great for communication and bridging the gap between the company and the candidate. But, it is necessary to ensure you program the bot in a specific manner to yield the highest result. For instance, when you are away and a candidate asks about the work culture, the chatbot should be able to come up with a creative answer. If it fails, the communication flow will break too. This means that you won’t be able to provide a good experience as you can. So, focus on the programming and functions of the bot before implementing it.


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