Guiding Your Picky Hiring Managers in the Right Direction

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To be true, employees of your organization can become your driver of growth or downfall. Hence, finding the right hire or employee for a position is the most essential task for every HR team. HR pros take up this challenge, imply different techniques, and even tweak the rules for the right candidate. Isn’t it?

But, sometimes it becomes much more complicated than it already is when you have a picky hiring manager. This meddler sets unrealistic goals which give you no potential hires. You keep losing good candidates and that ultimately impacts the health of your organization.

Here’s how you can solve the problem.

Solving Issues of Picky Managers

Managers can make the journey bumpy for the organization, HR team, and the candidates. Sometimes, they may be too picky and may have unrealistic expectations from a candidate and at other times, they may want to move the process as quickly as possible.

In situations like these, the HR manager needs to take a step back and analyze the situation. They need to understand what exactly is the hiring manager asking for. They can make unreasonable demands or set unrealistic standards.

Below we have explained how you can rectify the situation.

More Is Always Better!

No. Not always.

If your hiring manager wants you to pass on a big pile of resumes, then stop right there and re-analyze the situation. While it is good to have a large pool of people coming in for a job interview, it is not good to pass everyone to the next round.

Just like it is not a great practice to select the first feasible candidate, it is not right to keep passing on too many candidates.

Practically, no human can compare 12 resumes effectively.

Hence, only pass on a few, usually 5-6 to candidates. If your hiring manager is not okay with the number and asks for more, you are required to sell your candidates. Remember, you picked them for a reason. Use that reason.

If the manager is still not satisfied after interviewing all the people, then something is missing in your hiring procedure. And more resumes don’t have the capability of fixing this issue.

The only method is to halt the process and restart in the correct manner.

It takes one bad review online to repel potential candidates. Hence, you have to be very careful during your hiring process.

The Right Fit

Many times, your hiring manager may want to hire an employee simply because they are a cultural fit. Well, it sounds great to have employees who are similar in everything. But, don’t you think this engulfs the innovation factor of your organization?

When you have no diversity, all your employees work in the same fashion. Not having even a single unique element is the worst thing you can do for your business.

Encourage your hiring manager to hire a person from a different mindset, background, or culture. This will contribute more to your culture than any other thing.

Further, this is important because the hiring manager should select candidates based on their qualifications and skill set. When a candidate matches this criterion, there is no point of not hiring him or her.

A Large Panel

Often HR manager tries to rectify issues of a picky hiring manager by setting up a large panel. This is wrong on so many levels.

First, you will have to manage the schedule and work obligations of all the employees in the panel. This can impact work severely.

Second, a large panel can have a different mindset which may end up confusing the candidates and you can lose a great candidate.

Third, due to the difference of opinion, it is hard for every panel member to reach a single decision. This will make the process even more complicated.

Lastly, you can create a more complex, picky panel which won’t like any of the chosen candidates.


Picky hiring managers can do some serious damage to your hiring process. But, more damage can knock your door when the HR team doesn’t handle it carefully. So, the HR team should strategically plan and handle all the above situations related to picky hiring managers.

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