Emerging Global trends in HR and Talent Acquisition

Today we live in a world where technology not only does things for us but also provides recommendations on what to do next, what is our next step towards growth. From recruiting talent to managing and motivating them success depends on keeping pace with the technology trends and preparing HR teams to build state of the art talent acquisition strategies. Now in this era HR is turning their focus towards Technology.

The war for talent in the market can be won by leading not following’ thus came into force the talent acquisition team which is responsible for finding, acquiring, assessing, and hiring candidates to meet the manpower demands of an organization efficiently. Talent acquisition trend In order to do the above mentioned task these teams undertake talent procurement, workforce planning functions such as organizational talent forecasting, talent pipe lining, and strategic talent assessment and development.

Recruitment and Talent acquisition trends in HR

Here are some global talent acquisition trends in HR and talent Acquisition.HR and recruiting professionals in the organization all follow these trends.

Recruitment backed by data analysis

Technological advancement has revolutionized the recruitment process. Talent acquisition leaders no longer use the old ways to connect with prospects. Leaders follow the new Talent acquisition trends rather they interact on professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn and other platforms. These platforms have made accessing candidates’ information easy and affordable. Networking platforms also have analytics tools that help HR leaders in making strategic & informed recruiting decision. HR teams now have a better understanding of the job market which makes them more effective in hiring quality people.

Impetus on employee engagement, culture & brand building

In this global market, top skills are rare to find, and the competition to attract them is fierce. Talent acquisition leaders realize this, and they are focusing more on brand building to attract top talent. The new Talent Acquisition trend of employee engagement & culture will have a higher value in the years to come.

Talent management through focused coaching & mentoring

Companies and their employees both need to keep up with the technology. Companies have the responsibility to invest and to explore coaching programs for that. For instance, peer-to-peer training, It is a cost-effective, integrated and culture driven model so that employees get updated and work efficiently. HR should encourage employees for mentoring others by introducing a rewards program for that.

New Technology will help recruiters to predict how likely a candidate will respond to them

Sourcing systems are becoming much more intuitive and can pick up on certain cues that will give employers a whole new level of insight. In new Talent Acquisition trends leaders do not want to follow the old Traditional method? In new method HR Leaders measure, How well is the candidate’s current company performing? Is the candidate updating his/her social profiles? How long do employees in this role typically stay with this particular company at this location? Sourcing systems will be able to assess these factors to establish predictions around whether the candidate is on the verge of being ready for the next role, which will help companies expand their labor pool and potentially hire at more competitive rates.

Overall HR will become aficionados of the labor market

Company leaders and hiring managers are looking to HR to have their finger on the pulse of the local and broader labor market. Where is the talent you need to meet your business objectives? And find out the new talent in the market in some categories, and new techniques of talent Acquisition. How much will you have to pay to stay competitive? Where are skill shortages growing? Are there alternative talent pools you can consider? With more data resources available at their fingertips, HR will be providing more in-depth insights on supply and demand and compensation trends and ROI of recruitment resources.

Transparent & advanced performance reviews

The old-fashioned, once-a-year performance review system which is both opaque and complicated will be phased out. Today websites like Glassdoor, and other website give employees a forum to rate their company & their managers in a transparent manner. In the years to come, this trend will gain traction in which employees can not only review but also give feedback on a real-time basis.

Recruiters will partner with Marketing and become social media connoisseur.

Recruiters need to think like marketers and figure out how to bring the value to their employee (working at their company, their culture, their benefits, etc.) to life for candidates. Stock photos on a career site won’t do the trick. More recruiters will be stepping out from behind the curtain and promoting the company’s employment brand and career opportunities across social channels.


Talent acquisition is one of the most dynamic areas. Change is here to stay and most progressive organizations have understood that the talent acquisition practices which are working today may not necessarily work tomorrow. Job seeker expectations, advancements in technology, market changes and strategic business decisions will continue to initiate new trends in the talent acquisition process. Hence, to remain successful, organizations should be able to leverage the most effective processes and technologies for talent identification and acquisition.

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Navin Shivdasani

Navin Shivdasani

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