Encourage Teamwork at The Workplace: Here’s How You Can Do It

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Building teamwork – why is it important?

Imagine this:

You have two teams, Team A and Team B. When Team A finishes work, it is handed over to the Team B. Team B’s work is dependent on the work of Team A and Team A’s work is dependent on several other departments.

If the necessary communication and teamwork are missing in these teams, how will they deliver work effectively or share the goal of the project?

It is not possible.

This is why teamwork is encouraged throughout the workplace to improve the work quality and performance of the team.

Below we have explained several factors that can help you improve teamwork at the workplace.

1.  Build Trust

Out of every characteristic of teamwork that we will discuss in this article, trust is most important. You will not work with anyone you don’t trust. Similarly, your employee will not work with anyone they don’t trust.

Hence, the HR manager needs to encourage a trusting activity through collective or shared tasks.

For example, the HR manager can plan an in-office game. In this game, pair two team members and ask one to fall back and other to catch this employee. Of course, it is a silly game but it has value. You can enhance trust in employees because the first employee needs to trust the other employee for this activity.

2.  Improve Collaboration

Collaboration helps in building interpersonal and work relationships. How this collaborative environment can be built?

By removing processes that are not intertwined. For example, software development. If your software development team is a standalone team and the software testing team is also a standalone team, how can you collaborate?

Intertwine and merge processes, make the teams sit together, offer them tools to communicate better, and consistently come up with new methods to improve collaboration.

3.  Have a Shared Vision

Have a shared vision for the whole organization. When you start a new project, bring the team together and talk. Help them understand your vision behind this project and your end-goal.

When your employees lack the knowledge of this goal, they work with a goal which is the task they have been assigned. Needless to say, this mini-goal does is not aligned with the final goal.

Have a shared vision to allow every member to work in that direction.

4.  Take a Break

Now, this is applied in many ways.

Firstly, when your team achieves something, celebrate and reward. For example, if they have stayed back in the office for the whole week, allow them to go home early.

Similarly, just unwind. Plan an office outing and allow your employees to collaborate and enjoy together. This will stimulate interpersonal relationships which will improve teamwork at the workplace.

5.  Use Tools

Utilized effective tools to aid teamwork. How can your team work together without proper communication system in place? For example, you can use Slack for collaboration across the organization, which will also assist in improving teamwork.


Improving teamwork in the organization is necessary to execute projects with efficiency and delivering everything on time. If you fail to achieve, you can fail to improve the performance of the organization with time. Utilize the above tips to enhance teamwork and collaboration in the workplace.

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