Choosing the Right HRBP Manager for Your Organization

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Many businesses are moving towards a more strategic HR approach and turning their HR employees into HR business partners (HRBP). But, are these HR business partners strategic?

Do these HR business partners understand your business intricacies?

In a recent research, it was revealed that only 22% of businesses feel that their HRBP are capable of promoting people analytics.

What can businesses do to correct this flaw? They organize a research on how many HRBPs are efficient, who needs guidance, and who needs to be removed from the system.

However, the solution to having strategic HR business partners is to have the right HRBP manager above all these people to regulate the functioning. This HRBP manager should have the correct talent, the right knowledge of people analytics, and sufficient leadership qualities.

Let’s understand the role of HR business partners first to understand the role of HRBP manager.

The Who, Why, and How of HR Business Partners

HR business partnership is a model in which the HR department is placed at the top and the center of the organization. These HR business partners assume the responsibility of streamlining business processes by integrating employees and management.

The HR business partners work in collaboration with the senior leaders of the organization to support the organization’s goals. This may involve HRBP to get involved in boardroom meetings or partner with leaders of the organization to create a synchronous environment between the management and employees.

How to Select the Right HR Business Partner

Although the concept of HR business partner is simple yet highly effective, it is rarely followed to its full extent. Many HRBPs don’t even fully understand the intricacies of the business they work for and in reality, they are expected to deliver strategic insights to improve functioning.

To streamline this process, hire an HRBP manager to promote strong people analytics.

Here’s how you can find the right HR business partner manager:

1.      Integrates Talent and Business Strategy

These HRBP managers should be able to convey business strategy in the language of talent and the other way round. They should be able to develop a healthy mindset amongst their group of HRBPs to promote organization-wide agenda.

HRBP managers should not only streamline talent-related interventions and risks but they should also know how to handle business risks such as engagement, sentiment, readiness to change, etc. They should be able to utilize people analytics to collaborate with business and people strategy. This will enable HRBP managers to guide their HRBP team leads to explore opportunities and risks.

2.      An Expert in People Analytics

People analytics is a section of human resource which allows people analytics managers to promote enhanced decision-making based on analytics data. The goal of this analytics is to drive higher business performance as it imparts advanced knowledge of which employees to hire, who are performing exceptionally well, and what type of employees are best suited for a particular job role.

Why are we discussing this?

This is because HRBP manager should be an expert in people analytics as they breathe in that environment daily. This enables them to provide related insights to business leaders whenever an issue arises.

3.      Utilize Data-Driven Strategies

HRBP managers should know how to use data-driven statistics to create best solutions and uncover effective industry practices for motivating, attracting, and retaining its people.

Additionally, these managers should have the capability of understanding strategic business areas and identifying problem areas to help leaders. Should they have all the right answers to twisted questions such as do we need more people for opening a fully functional new unit? Or why are we losing employees?

When these data-driven statistics are presented to leaders, the leaders are able to make better decisions based on data itself.

4.      Uses Analytics to Improve Processes

Using data-driven strategies, insights, and analytics is not just restricted to HR activities. In fact, it also helps promote refinement of talent processes. Now, these talent processes are not a feedback cycle, monthly review, etc. But, these processes involve tasks like career development and succession planning. With desired statistics and insights in hand, HRBP managers can encourage advanced talent processes.

5.      Promotes People Analytics

The right HRBP manager will use people analytics and data to gain insights as well as they make efforts to act on it. Do they strive to know questions like: why a certain group is resigning? Why are some people efficient? What are their common characteristics? A clear understanding of these insights enables them to take corrective actions for improved business productivity.

The Best HRBP Manager: A True Story Teller

One of the most prominent qualities of the right HRBP manager is that they are storytellers. They will not wait for you to ask them about statistics and people analytics. They will figure out everything on their own, collaborate their HRBPs, and use all these things to promote workplace productivity. These HRBP managers will, in no time, start suggesting changes that should be made in order to enhance business strategies. Hence, while finding the perfect HRBP manager, look for a storyteller and a person who knows the stats.

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