Checklist For Performance Management For 2020

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The performance review process can make anyone overwhelmed. The future of an employee in the company depends a lot on the performance review. On top of it, if the manager or the employee is anxious by nature, things can get stressful quickly. There are some aspects of the performance management that if you take care of, the process will be simpler for both the manager and the employee. Here we will discuss two checklists, one for the managers and one for the employees. Keeping these checklists in mind will make the process simpler and quicker.

Checklist for the manager

The future of the employee is entirely in the manager’s hand. One minor glitch in the review and it can become a years-worth setback for the employee. In some adverse cases, the employee may have to leave the company as well. This checklist will help the managers to handle performance management without any hassle.

Have feedback sessions before submitting performance review

It is a must for the managers to give continuous feedback to the employees that will lead to performance review. It does not matter if your feedback is formal or informal. The employee has to be prepared to hear and understand what you have to say. It will give them an idea about their performance. The appraisal process is a reward for them if there is any lag in their performance; they should be aware of it. The appraisal process should not start all of a sudden for them. If they are not aware of what is coming to them, things can get awkward for the manager and the employees.

Make your expectations clear

Make sure that the employees know what you are expecting to form them. Involve everyone in the review process. Please keep in mind that neither you nor the employees are mind readers, and no one is going to understand anything on their own. It is essential to have goals and expectations clear right on the table in front of everyone. It makes the process clearer and simpler for both sides.

Compare the part performance and future goals

During the review meetings, you should review the past performances of the employees and provide them with an outline of the goals and objects that you want them to take care of as a part of performance management. It will help them to understand if they need to improve their performance or need to learn a new set of skills. It will also help them in explaining the aspects of their job that they are struggling with. It is an essential aspect of the performance review that they get new goals.

You have to think about the future of the company in connection with the employee and not just review the past performance. It is also an excellent time to understand the plan that the employee is keeping in mind in connection with his association with the company. It does not matter if the employee is going to tell you the truth or not, but it will be a healthy discussion between you and the employee about his plans a year or two down the line.

Discuss the past feedback

While you are providing the feedback, make sure to compare the performance with the previous year(s). It will allow you to give them a better perspective of their performance and give you a base on which your review will stand. It is always better to have the records on the table and not to rely just on the memory, especially if the organization is exceptionally large.

Always be prepared to accept feedback about yourself

The review process cannot be a one-way thing. When you are sharing your feedback about the employee’s performance, there must be a few things the employee would want to share about your performance as a manager. Please keep in mind that the feedback you may get is a part for the performance management process. It doesn’t have to please you, but that does not mean that it has no value. You should consider it and see what changes you can make to make it the workplace healthier and productive.

Take harsh steps

Never take action back from taking harsh steps. As a manager, it is your responsibility towards your organization and team to maintain a healthy balance. If the performance review is full of bad performances throughout the year, even after repeated feedbacks, it is time to ask the employee to leave. Please make sure you also have the responsibility to give a few changes as per the company’s policies to the employee to do better. If your efforts are not fruitful, let go of the employee.

Checklist for the employee

As an employee, you should be prepared for what is coming for you in the performance review. Even if you have the best at your capacity, things may not be favorable for you and you should brace yourself for every situation.

Do the homework

Prepare for the performance review, just like you prepare for an exam. You may think that your luck will support you, but it is not the case every time. Performance reviews as essential for your future with the company and even when you take another job, showing excellent performance in your current situation will help in getting a better position. If your manager has notified you about the performance review and you are not prepared, it will show that you are not serious about the process.

Have your facts and figures correct

Managers may remember some specific tasks that you have done, but there is always a chance that they may forget your role in an important project. You must know the facts and figures of the projects that you were part of. Always keep a record of the work you have done so that it becomes easier for the manager to review the performance.

Prepare yourself for every situation

It would help if you were mentally prepared to deal with all the workload and meetings allotted to you. That means you are going to hear something you may not like about your work or the way of your work. It is your responsibility to take it professionally and put up your side calmly and rationally. Losing your temper or breaking down is not something corporate world admires. You have to show yourself as a competent adult.

Be open about your plans

There is always a chance that the manager will ask you about your plans. Please keep in mind that they are not looking for a truthful answer, but the main aim of such questions is to find out how confident you are about your future and how you see your personal growth to look like in the coming years. Maybe you want to take more responsibilities in office in the coming years, or you are looking for a promotion, talking about it with the manager will help them in understanding your thinking process. It will give a chance them to expand the selection of projects for you.

Final words

Performance management is an important aspect for both employee and employer. There are many factors that you should consider while reviewing the performance of an employee. The future and career of an employee depend a lot on the review that you are planning to give. As a manager, it is your responsibility to provide regular feedback to the employee so that they can improve their performance. However, if they are unable to do so, you should be strong enough to let the employee go.

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