Applying the principles of Fearlessness and Balance to achieve your goals

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‘Ghata-sthapana’ – the first day of the Hindu festival of Navaratri, brings in 9 days of revelry and rituals in most of India. To me, it has always signified the ‘sthapana’ or installation of values, that provide ‘shakti’ or energy to achieve one’s goals.  Two of the values that have always stayed with me, while observing the journeys of people who achieved their goals – are the values of fearlessness and balance. These stand out even more, for women achievers.

Since the last few months of 2017 till date, the ‘Me Too Movement’ has spread virally across the globe, encouraging people irrespective of the gender to speak up about harassment issues and more importantly shedding light on the magnitude of the issue. This has been the first step towards breaking out of the fear, but more importantly, it has paved the way for gender balance at the workplace. While both aspects in their core require multiple layers to be uncovered and societal influence & attitudes to be changed, the goal is to create a playing ground that is balanced, so that no fears exist, and employees can contribute towards problem solving, process improvement and innovation. So, while fearlessness has been demonstrated in speaking up about the issue, the principle of balance needs to be applied to take up corrective and preventive actions.

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Manik Damle

Manik Damle

Managing Partner at Element78
Prior to co-founding Element78, Manik has played a variety of roles in the corporate world for over 15 years - in R&D, Engineering, Program Management and Learning & Development. Manik is trained and certified for her professional abilities through various organizations like Results Coaching Systems (Executive Coaching), ISB (‘Goldman Sachs 10K Women Entrepreneurs’ program), Kathalaya (story-telling), and ISABS (Organizational Development). During her stint with large organizations like Cummins India Limited and KPIT Cummins Limited, she grew through the ranks, eventually leading and enabling fairly large teams providing Engineering and Software solutions to customers across the globe
Manik Damle

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