7 Reasons You Should Adopt Microlearning

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Imagine if you were asked to sit all day in a training session. Most of us would start yawning instantly. Working professionals are less interested in being trained like college students. They already have so much knowledge and long training hours just seem to eat up work time.

Absolutely, at first, everyone might be excited and interested, but eventually, no one would remember what was taught.

This is a problem faced by every HR manager while organizing a training session. Although everyone encourages HRs to promote personal growth and learning, millennials want quick information.

Let’s understand this with an example:

You want to make an apple pie but you don’t know how to do it. So, would rather watch a quick 5-minute video or a one-hour process. Of course, the processing and making of apple pie will take longer than 5 minutes. But, you don’t have to watch the full video of how much time it takes to make apple pie.

Professionals and millennials are used to watching short videos or taking short sessions for learning things. They would rather watch 20 videos of 5-minute each than an hour-long video.

Why You Need To Implement Microlearning in Your Current Strategy

1. It Is Simple

It is simple to make microlearning courses than regular courses. These courses are not so complicated and follow a simple approach. You would just need a design template, correct content, and a person who can make videos. Then, you can create a repository of these courses so that your employees can learn whenever they get time.

2. Just-In-Time Approach

Microlearning helps individuals to gain quick information just-in-time. You can immediately learn something before implementing it.

For instance, a content writer is asked to write an ad-copy but he or she doesn’t know the format. They can quickly watch a 5-minute video to learn what are the key things that should be kept in mind.

3. It Fits Millennial Approach

As already discussed, the workforce today needs rapid knowledge and information. Microlearning provides just that. It is easy to understand concepts through microlearning and even HRs won’t have to run around to convince employees to attend training.

Further, since the concept focuses on one aspect at a time, you can understand concepts in minutes.

4. Enhances Learning

The major motive behind organizing training sessions is to give employees a chance to learn and improve. With microlearning, it is easier than ever. Looking at the hectic lifestyle and long working hours, an average employee can give less than half hour to learning in a week. Microlearning can keep up with this short time.

Moreover, as it is hassle-free to offer mobile access to these videos, millennials can even gain knowledge on the go.

5. Keeps Up With Attention Span

With the decreasing attention span, is it possible to sit an hour for training?

But, it is possible to make sense out of small videos. Your employees can take these sessions while going from cafeteria to their desk, travelling from home to office, or whenever they get 2-3 minutes time in between tasks. It would still make sense.

6. Increases Retention

Microlearning is very much similar to how we perform tasks on daily basis. Our brain is wired to focus for short durations, which includes all the short tasks that we do during the day.

Since we can connect with the topic and understand it practically through microlearning, it leads to 20% more retention of what is being taught.

7. Cost-Effective

It is cost-effective because you don’t have to prepare a classroom, study material, and evaluation sessions. All the microlearning videos are easy to create, simple to store digitally, and employees can access it anytime, anywhere.

The cost of management, preparation, and handling reduces greatly in microlearning when compared to traditional methods of training.


Although there are various highly effective methods of learning, microlearning is perfect for millennials. The corporate world doesn’t have time for long training sessions, follow-up classes, or even evaluation classes. All these are long processes that demand employees to give in their extra time to learning.

But, microlearning is a laid-back method of gaining information quickly, easily, and even retain it without much effort.

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