5 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

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It is often said that “People leave managers more than companies”. But what about the people who stay and contribute less than their potential?  Improve Employee Engagement exude positive energy and optimism, which reflects in their work and consequently in the way they deliver value to your customers. They are more productive, more likely to stay on with the organization for a longer period of time, more creative and proactive, and better communicators.

A set of engaged employees, with individual goals, paves the way for organizational success. In a study in 2015, Gallup has reported that as much as 70% of the variance in the employee engagement of teams can be traced back to the influence of the manager. The role of the manager in ensuring employee engagement cannot be overstated.

Here are 5 simple ways in which ‘people managers’ can partner with HR teams, to enhance employee engagement.

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Manik Damle

Manik Damle

Managing Partner at Element78
Prior to co-founding Element78, Manik has played a variety of roles in the corporate world for over 15 years - in R&D, Engineering, Program Management and Learning & Development. Manik is trained and certified for her professional abilities through various organizations like Results Coaching Systems (Executive Coaching), ISB (‘Goldman Sachs 10K Women Entrepreneurs’ program), Kathalaya (story-telling), and ISABS (Organizational Development). During her stint with large organizations like Cummins India Limited and KPIT Cummins Limited, she grew through the ranks, eventually leading and enabling fairly large teams providing Engineering and Software solutions to customers across the globe
Manik Damle

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