2020 Staffing Trends Professionals Are Excited About

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 For those who are into HR and recruitment is the process of core focus, the trend for staffing needs to be checked regularly. To date, with the help of various systems, the recruiters put large efforts to have better staff onboard. However, with the introduction of technology in this field, the staffing trends have changed, and it is going to be frequently changing in the coming years. For a professional recruiter, it is much needed to know the changes in this industry, which can prove much helpful in his business and process of recruitment. In the year 2020 also the technology will be ruling this segment and facilitate the users to have better staffing experience.

The scenario till now

In the past some years, the recruiters have faced many challenges as the churning ratio has increased in different segments. Human minds change frequently, and hence technology can help to rescue from recruitment demands. The automation has been much improved in the past some years with the introduction of 2020, where the efforts can be limited, and yet the outcome can be available as per the need of the recruiters.

There are many tools that can prove much helpful to the recruiters in this age, where the candidates can offer their information in the desired format, which is needed as per the concerned job. The staffing trends have seen the use of various technologies that can help the recruiters get the desired tasks completed in a short span. One can see the use of tools in different segments where the recruiters can get the desired output in the short term.

The areas where automation is possible

The recruiters need to have the required details in a few fields if the automation is used. The ATS system is one that can be mostly used. The areas in the automated system can be designed in a way that can offer a screening of resumes. For the candidates as well as the recruiters never want to go through the resumes in detail. The users can easily get the required information in short as there are different fields that can help both of them to have desired information in the fields provided.

Is the system of automation useful?

The system of automation helps to reduce the time for the screening of resumes and make it easy and reliable. Here one can find the fields where the candidates provide necessary details only. The recruiter needs to check the qualification, experience, and package of the candidate for a particular position, which can help them to scrutinize the profile to match the desired standards. Hence the profile selection can be easier and in the short term. In the event of mass recruitment for the specific position, the automation can be of much help.

The candidates also need to provide the information in specific fields, which can help them to input particular details which can save time and make ready to information available to the recruiter. As the recruiter gets the necessary details in specific fields, only the chances of their selection also get increased. The recruiter can also have various options to have the data in different formats, such as word, spreadsheets, and PDF. Hence from the viewpoint of recruiting the automation can be much easier and straightforward. For the clients also, this proves much supportive as the automation in staffing trends can be much useful.

The sourcing explained

For the staffing experts, the staffing trends of modern options offered in 2020 can be much helpful. The automation, as well as sourcing, are the priorities for them. These options can help them source the candidates for various positions easily in the market. The sourcing through automation can be time-saving as well as detailed, which can offer perfect output as required for the concerned position by the recruiters.

They can have ease of searching the candidates, required details, and complete scrutiny of the data, which can support them in closing the positions at the earliest. From the view of talent acquisition, also the team of HR can go for this technology and get the desired profiles from the open market easily.

Is texting a better option?

There was a period when texting or sending messages to people was considered as an obsolete option, which is changed now in this era of using various chat messengers. In the staffing trends of 2020, this is considered as a more viable and comfortable tool. In texting, one can offer a brief description of available positions and send the message to candidates using different channels. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, and hence people check the text messages immediately or in a short time. They also have options to revert by text or call concerned person, which can help them to communicate more effectively and quickly.

In many cases, communication via texting can be more helpful. If one is in a situation where he cannot talk, he can instantly revert on texts. The moments such as being in a function, traveling, or sitting in a meeting, the text can be the best option to answer the recruiter by the concerned candidate. Hence among the staffing trends, the use of texting is also a leading one.

However, while using this option, one needs to form the message with great care as there is limited space for words, and hence one needs to have a concise message with a few words where he can display the available position as well as his role. It does not have space to use some common words such as salutation, greetings, and position of the sender. These things can be discussed on other mediums, such as a voice call.

Use of chatbots

In the staffing trends of 2020, one cannot ignore the support offered by a chatbot. However, there are only a few recruiters who use this option; the HR team can have great comfort while using the same. One can ask for required data or ask different questions to judge the skills of the candidate, and if things go well, the candidate can be hired or called for an interview in a few minutes.

The bots here can derive the required information from the candidates automatically. They can also discuss the details with a large number of candidates at a time which can prove much useful if one needs to have mass recruitment. With the help of the bots here, the candidates can also freely discuss their profile even if they are busy in some other tasks. They can forward required detail in different formats with the help of bots used by the recruiters. However, one needs to notice that it can be a time-consuming process for the candidate as well as the recruiter as the process is really slow and depend on the speed of the network also.

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